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"My Son K.I.A Iraq" is a traveling Activist.  I didn't hear the presentation in the nearby church, so I don't know if the "son" is personal, or a generalization.  The pick up truck ...with a flag drapped coffin, empty boots, ... and the trailer with crutches and crosses  - just the stuff Bush keeps under wraps... is an appropriate follow up to Mothers' Day 2007.

When the USA needlessly invaded Iraq the population of Iraq was 25 million persons.   In the four years we have been killing in Iraq the USA has more than (because we also developed international animosity towards us ) wasted 500 Billion dollars maiming, killing, antagonizing, demolishing… 


If you divide five hundred billion dollars by twenty five million persons (Iraqi men women and children) the result is $20,000 USA tax dollars  has been spent per Iraqi person. 


The US film industry in Hollywood sells images of US culture all over the world – piracy is their big problem – the open market wants to copy the Hollywood product without paying royalties.


Nike (swoosh), sells it’s shoes and it’s logo all over the world – piracy is also one of Nike’s big problems.


Coke is sold in more countries of the world than any other product.  It is the most recognized commercial brand name.  


Caterpillar operates very successfully worldwide and has perhaps the best parts distribution network of any manufacturer.


Young people in particular the world round lap up US commercial culture – the world watched our movies and wore our shoes and clothes and drank our pop and pushed their dirt with our dozers.


I don’t necessarily endorse any of the above products - but the US system of influencing young minds to purchase our “way of life” is undeniably effective.



Now let’s say we think that a country like Iraq is going off the deep end – doing something we think threatens our “homeland security”.   Would it be better to spend $20,000.00 per Iraqi killing them, breaking into their houses in the middle of the night, and bombing Falluja into the stone age, 


Would it be better to have offered a FREE 4 year US college scholarship to every Iraqi high school graduate – bring every Iraqi who would come – to the US and inculcate them in our schools with our (too commercial) US culture – then send them back to Iraq as our educated friends and disciples?  Let’s assume that 20% of the Iraqi population would qualify as college students over the last four years – if our $20,000 per person war budget were just focused on college kids, that means each Iraqi kid would be offered a $100,000.00 four year scholarship.


If we had spent 500 BILLION dollars on our educational system economy over the last four years (the time we have been killing and being killed in Iraq) what do you think our economy would look like right now?   Every college in the USA  would be in financial clover, Case Western, CSU, Oberin, Ohio State, Kent State, and CCC would be rockin’ with kids and cash, and we would have built an English speaking allay in Iraq.  There would have been intermarriages, Iraqis would have converted to Evangelicalism  and Americans would have converted to Islam.  And our national economy would be FAT FAT FAT.  The Dow would be at 20,000 too.


You think this sort of slow motion warfare is a joke?  Think it is ineffective?   Think again, it is the only “warfare” that has ever worked.   Right now Mexico and Central America are practicing this exact type of under-the-radar mind change here in the USA – albeit on a longer 25 year generational time frame.   Entire cities – like Los Angeles –  have already been peacefully culturally turned over by the distinctly higher birth rate of the new culture vs the old culture.   The same will happen in Israel.  And Ghengis Kahn  has the  largest hereditary gene pool in the world.  While at the other end of the spectrum, the sex-averse Shakers, are no longer shakin’.


Nuclear bombs won’t ever protect one’s culture – and we are our culture.   Culture is only protected through its amplification, and only education (at home, in college and in our work force) and/or our genitals can amplify Us .

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