Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 11/18/2007 - 19:13.

Be sure to visit the Cleveland Museum of Art and see the Modern Master’s.  Really, it is way too much to take in during one visit. 


The paintings and sculpture make my mind fly - as I proceed through I am mentally,  inspirationally, exhausted and staggering towards the exit  door - the ideas these exhibits generate, I’m ready to be a painter, a sculptor, a lithographer, a bohemian, an intellectual, a Dada, a Fauves - but alas, my parking meter is running and so is my life.  


As the realneo audience knows by now, cynicism abounds here.   Which is healthy and good. 


But a (really 3 or 4 visits through the galleries are necessary) leisurely visit to the Cleveland Museum of Art is definitely a healthy direction in  the corrupt and polluted NEO azimuth.


Marcel Breuer's lobby at the Cleveland Museum of Art is very similar to the lobby at the Ameritrust Tower.   Did Precision really Bobcat demo the Ameritrust lobby?

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Desecration of art

Unfortunately, in NEO the truth is so wretched it leaves no room for cynicism... we're just posting observable realities... realists, I suppose.

BTW, did you hear the one about the new UN report on Global Warming that says the worst of the realists, previously called cynics, were not nearly alarmist enough... word from the White House is now they get it. The funny thing is the newspaper coverage is already focusing on "not assigning blame", which is a way of saying don't kill Americans for ending all life on Earth... as we build walls at the borders and arm for the Real World War. And that is not cynicism either.

The best of the artists you saw were not cynics either... rather, expressive realists showing the world to the world through a unique lens. In the best art experiences the viewer understands the art because the viewer is transported to that other world. As our world today sucks, it is nice to be transported by art to better places.

If the Breuer lobby has been destroyed, that is desecration of art and is a crime and really trashy, low-class act... unwashable blood on the hands of Madison, DiMora and Hagan... other names must be added from the Plain Dealer, Historic Preservation and arts and culture community, Cleveland and Cuyahoga planning departments, and among other planners and architects of the region... but the #1 Weathermen of the era are Madison, DiMora and Hagan... repeat that.

Where is the FBI on this... I believe more charges need to be investigated, as I don't think the County Commissioners and architect Robert Madison have the right to destroy an international arts landmark... especially with taxpayer money we did not authorize. No... no room for cynicism here, in this dirty, lame, racist, ignorant region that worships an idol to genocide.

I believe everyone who betrayed the arts, aka Breuer, in this highly visible and well documented cultural war should be banished from Cleveland arts and culture venues and activities forever... no more pounding their flesh with the real arts and culture community... you rmoney is not welcome here. Try to get elected, stay in business and get promoted in the NEO powerbase without tapping into that pool of influence. Ain't gonna happen... the anti-Breuer, anti-arts, anti-culture party is over....

Uh oh... that means most area arts and culture institutions need entirely new leadership and staff, as the current leadership and staff must be banished.... go Tribe... stay at the malls... go find new jobs. Bright side is that offers 1,000s of great jobs in NEO for people who want to actually defend arts and culture instead of their precious paychecks.

Sounds like time for some mass migration to NEO of fresh people and ideas, just in time for the Environmental War... basically the same enemies, with banishment from public parks. Welcome to the frontlines of the New Economy, where the next 7 generations are screwed and some of them are getting mad as hell about  it.

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