What is your opinion about being under public and private video surveillance without your knowledge or right to access

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 08/16/2009 - 11:04.

Norm, 1984

Hello Norm,  Appropriate choices I must say.  On the last Choice, which I voted for, it might help to mention George and link to Orwell.   1984 was a long time ago for some of us.  best, jeffb

True that


Nice observations.  Too, for those who don't have a library card, perhaps having limited literacy skills, there's a wonderful film that was made some years back, which was based on the book 1984.  You can watch the entire film for free at this link.

wifi HEAD CAMS in Tremont - excellent idea!

Let’s make this espionage bottom UP.   Let’s start with the TWDC staff.  
Samsung makes a head-cam which you wear on your head – on your hat.   Let’s get Chris and Sammy to wear a head cam 247365 so we can be sure their lives are worthy and pure and sacrosanct – or whatever – I will collect the video feeds at my house and let Realneo know if they should know.  
And hey Guy, will you wear a wifi head-cam when you and Yogi set up in Lincoln Park?  It may be presumptive, but I know Yogi will wear a head cam (he's so nice).
How about Frank Giglio on W14th? – I would almost be certain he would wear a head-cam.   (I saw him recently – he’s ok).  If Frank had had a head cam on when he was harrassed by the TWDC "inspectors" his constitutional rights might be in better shape.
I, Jeff Buster,  will wear a head-cam whenever I come over to Tremont. I am a helpful citizen!
And, because they are corporate citizens, Great Lakes Brewery could check out head cams to their guests  for their brewery tours, and St. Ignatius could assign them to all their students – kind of a home work project!
And I’m sure Joe Cimperman would volunteer to wear one all the time.  If he had one on during his house barbeque fire the fire department could have known exactly what to expect even before their equipment arrived at his house.   Citizen Joe!
So just these few examples make it abundantly clear that wifi head cams are community centric. 
Let’s start with Sammy and Chris! TWDC what a beneficent idea you have had!  
Isn't technology a beautiful thing?!


Hey, you might want to hook

Hey, you might want to hook up Dan Lutz too.  He bobbs around from block club to block club - writing grants for the camera project (with the assistance of Sammy the buffer)  in areas he doesn't even live in.  He was  the one who wrote up the grant for Central tremont Block Club wherein  they quoted the all-time high price of $24,000+  to purchase and install three (3) cameras in our area. 

Back to the missing signs - there were posted right next to the Tree House on Professor - and if TWDC, who I believe stationed one of those cameras on St. John Cantius Church according to Sammy Catania, is in control of the viewing they should be able to see clearly who took the signs - but since nobody has any access except TWDC, I'm sure the footage can be doctored.


 would they incriminate themselves???

TAke the video 5th - Watch your HEAD

Actually, there is one other housekeeping item that needs to be done before we send Sammy and Chris off with their head cams...

Another US constitutional amendment protecting all of us from self head-cam incrimination.   (just having your wife not having to testify against you is not nearly enough)   Ex -Governor Spitzer has graciously accepted the position of committee chairperson.  The legislation is to be called: Watch your HEAD or (please offer your suggestions)

I have contacted Mr. Kucinich and Sen. Voinovich (retired) to have this passed next week.  Or are they still on va-ca? 


 - i was being sarcastic.

but i dO think the Sammy & Chris headcams are a marvelous idea! 

I  can just see it now. 

I  can just see it now.  Bemus and Buthead with head cams on. 

beemus and butthead

 It is good to blow off some steam, isn't it?

self head cam incrimination

We will keep a close eye on this legislation.  

i think you have all been drinking....

 you so funny!

here's a cheaper alternative - they have these little wallet sized video cams that operate on 2 AA batteries and shoot an hour of digital video. I keep one in my bag.

but the head cam idea dOEs sound tempting - I was so excited when I learned about the Minox camera, had one to use for a couple of weeks when I was in my 20s. Always wanted something that could record things exactly as i saw them... saves a lot of explaining.....

Participatory Panopticon

I prefer an infinite number of little brothers. You can see me, and I can see you too.

Other people can watch me, remember what they saw, and analyze in real-time or post-facto without my knowledge or right to access. This is inherent to almost all humans' eye and brain technology. We have designed our world around it.

The technology to see from other points-of-view and with higher fidelity, (both, in fact, approaching infinity,) is a technology that gets cheaper, easier, and more accessible as time passes.

This will inevitably cause a major shift in societal organization, (all-seeing, all-hearing, and the obselesence of the concept of privacy.) However, we'll delay and resist that shift as long as possible, as we still value privacy.

We're better served by ensuring that this the rights and ability to use this technology be maintained by the greatest number, (as opposed to a select few,) rather than by arresting the development or ubiquity of the tech.

Read more about the Participatory Panopticon, and check out a great talk on same by Jamais Cascio.