Neonist Dana Paterson featured on cover of this weeks Free Times

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 02/06/2008 - 15:01.

Covered on Realneo in the past here, and here, today Dana Paterson is front page on the Cleveland Free Times

After reading the Free Times article, it seems like the big question is for us all:  What Time Is It in our lives?

If you are looking to design, build, install, or maintain neon in or around Cleveland, Ohio, give Mr. Paterson a call (216-240-2261)

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 I was thinking how cool it would be to have a neon sign (or two) at the library that read FREE!  There are so many dimensions to the WORD.

We have these drop ceilings that form a back drop to our front windows... Someday :)

Free "FREE" for the library

Dana Paterson Neon sculpture

The first piece I commissioned from Dana was for the six sustainability categories in the realneo header, which we had in our windows when we were at the Caxton - I love that type of conceptual art and being able to collaborate on such things with Dana - that was about a $2,500 work... it was lots of glass and several transformers. The cost for neon consists of the glass tube, by the foot (which depends on type of glass), and electrodes and wire, and a transformer, and the artist's time to design, bend, process and install. For a FREE! sign with like 1 foot hgh letter you may spend $300-400... over $100 of that is the transformer... $100+ for glass. You'd think we can raise that in donations - it's a great idea - could you get approval from the powers that be to install it there, even if just as an exhibit for a few months?
The last piece I commissioned from Dana I'll call one of his Warhols... the price for this would be about $2,000... you can see both and more about Dana here...


Dana Paterson neon sculpture

Disrupt IT

Dragon's Heir Neon - Dana Paterson - 216-240-2261

Dragon's Heir Neon - Dana Paterson - 216-240-2261

They left this out of the article. People should know how to reach Dana if they want to commission work.

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