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Anonymous – butt-headed (a compliment – one has to be butt-headed to sue the government) Ohioian takes OPEN MEETING LAW to wall and wins law suit against Town .

open meeting law

I emphatically compliment "John Q. Public" who pursued this law suit at what I know from personal experience had  to be a tremendous amount of  dedication and financial burden. 


This news – even though the insincere Trustees cowardly bailed out and settled to avoid  the Ohio Supreme Court from making a precedent ruling – is one bit of news which makes Ohio avant garde.
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thanks for the heads up

This will help a few other lawsuits over here in our neighborhood, directed against government entities. Taking the governments to task is truly an idea whose time has come. Our public processes have been subverted and compromised, and it all needs to be corrected. Now.

I would also like to see the lawsuits force the issue of more personal responsibility for government employees, nonprofit employees, and board members of quasi-public bodies. There must be financial consequences for incompetence, betrayal of the public trust, and low-level racketeering. We need to start stripping some of these people of their immunities and of their assets.

The organized crime of these past 40 years has shifted heavily to our government and nonprofit sectors, and it is time to clean house.

My parents had to sue Cleveland Heights over car accident

My parents were driving through Cleveland Heights and hit an open manhole cover. The car smashed into a tree, nearly killing them - totalled the car - my dad has never really recovered his mobility - he's a doctor and missed lots of work - he contacted the city and told them they had not maintained the road properly and they should pay him for his expenses and time away from work that resulted from his accident. The city refused to accept responsibility, even though my parents had witnesses who made clear it was the city's fault (they knew about the problem and did nothing to fix it) - my parents had to take it to the state Supreme Court and eventually the city dropped everything and settled with my parents when my parents were able to find a former Cleveland Heights employee willing to admint in court the city had been notified of the problem - so the city played every rotten lawyer trick in the book to try and avoid taking responsibility and do the right thing - they lost anyway and it cost 5 times more as a result. These two-bit cities are run by two bit politicians and their friends and family - if you like that kind of thing, go live in a small town, like Columbus Township, or Cleveland Heights.