voting NO on Issue 2

Submitted by Susan Miller on Sun, 11/01/2009 - 08:47.

Glad to see PD editorial on Issue 2. Ohio Issue 2 would provide mega-cover for mega-farms -- Thomas Suddes

Here's what is not included.


This video suggests a vegan diet, but it is possible to consume eggs and meat that have had a better life. Small farmers in Ohio and elsewhere are raising livestock differently.

A constitutional amendment for Ohio to protect factory farms? I'll vote no on Issue 2.

Right now our chickens and consumers have a choice. Consider this loss of choice.


Imagine what cows and pigs and goats are suggesting...

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Thanks for covering Issue 2 Susan

Evelyn has been researching Issue 2 as well, and we have concluded and recommended to others vote no on Issue 2.

Evelyn was surprised a very bright friend said the opposite, so the pro-Issue-2 mind control forces are having success in some segments.

With not much on the streets interest in this Issue - I saw one Pro-Issue-2 sign in Westlake, and that is all - and even the mainstream newspapers opposing, it will be interesting to see how many votes the pro-issue-2 folks are able to buy in Ohio - an important demographic.

Disrupt IT

Thanks for the videos!

Thanks for posting the videos Susan. The video from Jones farm makes it clear how important it for issue 2 to fail. If for no other reason voters should oppose this issue because it is a constitutional ammendment to protect this advisory board from any public debate on their decisions.

And, anyone who thinks factory farms are OK should see the first video. Horrible, disgusting and embarrassment for humans.