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There are people and organizations working on establishing a healthy view about automobiles.  In Toronto, Canada Streets are For People. org has created a brilliant crowd stopper - a CAR PLANTER!   

Almost everyone, me included, did  a double take as they walked by and noticed that the hood of the car was a lawn, the moon roof was hatching a healthy tree, and the trunk was full of rooted shrubs.  

The window glass makes it easy to see if the soil is moist or dry - every pot should be so well designed. 

"PARKS - NOT PARKING" one message proclaimed.

I am thinking of what model car I will use in Cleveland - anyone have a place to park the nursery vehicle?  

Here's the Mission Statement from the Streets are for People web site :

Mission Statement!

Since 2002, Streets are for People! has used costumes, trumpets, and big tricycles to liberate the commons from the mundane rule of that deadly beast — the automobile. We deliver the straight-up message that CARS SUCK, while creating the city we all want to live in, a comfortable place where laughter, romance, and dancing children fill the streets.

We are in essence a gang — a bicycle gang, and ours is the hilarious revolution: holding parties in reclaimed parking spots, parading on main streets, and occupying road construction sites to host concerts, games, and socials.

We also work with communities and the City to make projects like Pedestrian Sundays come to life. We love turning concrete slabs into gardens, transforming dead cars into planters and petitions, creating messages of hope, taking back streets for people!

We look forward to meeting kids of all ages…come join the gang.
Send us an email, and let us know you’re in! info [at] streetsareforpeople [dot] org

OUR MISSION:________________________________________

  • To engage citizens and governments through creative and playful street actions.
  • To demonstrate the absurdity of our auto addicted culture.
  • To open dialogue about alternate visions for our city streets.
  • To create and inspire collaborative projects which continue to push the agenda of a livable city and a sustainable future.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Every community has citizens whose sight is beyond the immediate clutter.   From my brief search about "streets are for people" on the internet, it appears that Co-founder Michael Louis Johnson is one such citizen in Toronto.

    Controversy is a starting point to change.  And there will be set-backs...

    Even in the hip culture of Kensignton the car/pot was towed - you can read about it here "Dude, don't tow our Art!"

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    I tripped on that car, too

    Yes, this is a cool car, in a cool place (Kensington Market) in a cool city. Here are some photos and comments from last year - some good links from the source of the Garden Car.

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