Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 05/17/2006 - 20:08.

An equal number of panhandlers and ride participants appeared for bagels, OJ, and energy efficient light bulbs at the Mall B terminus of this morning's bike ride.

I was the only rider besides Jim Sheehan from any of the collection points on the mid east side (including Univ. Circ., Shaker Sq, Cedar Fairmont).  Jim, who is the expert, took us down through the cultural gardens along the Doan Brook, then out along the lakefront (against the wind) past Burke Air Port and into Down Town.

Only about 5 riders showed up at the Mall.   Jim worked with some younger walk-by participants showing them how to remove a bike tire from the rim, and extricate the tube for patching.

The road surfaces are so crappy in Cleveland that you need to keep your wits about you to prevent a crack up. 

Jim Sheehan teaching tube fix

Good exercise however – and though I rode back home, I found out how to get your bike down the elevator in Terminal Tower if you want to take the Rapid back uphill.

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Shame on Cleveland!

Though there is no excuse for the terrible attendance, maybe something similar should be tried again on the weekend. I plan to bike to work (University Circle) as often as I can in the summer.

Shame on me for not finding a way to ride along

Not that it is a good excuse, my bike is in storage or I would have loved to ride in... although my route from Shaker is nasty... you took a great route, even with the wind in your face.

Still, I can't believe there were so few riders. The concept of the Share the Road effort is excellent, but it doesn't seem to connect with downtown well enough, yet. What can we do - I'll see if A.J. Rocco's will offer a free cup of their Cav's powering espresso for anyone who bike commutes, and other socially conscious merchants downtown should be asked to offer other benefits for these people who do the right things for society... bike commuters should be rewarded for saving the environment and reducing long term health costs in the community. I'll see what I can get started... and I'll get that bike out of storage!