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 I went by the RTA property at 6611 Euclid which the RTA bough from the DiGeronimo family for a million dollars in order to widen Euclid so the new buses could pass down the street. 

I was interested in seeing how the street was expanded - expansion so necessary that the DiGeronimo block-sized building needed to be bought so the front 10 feet could be demolished for the new Euclid Corridor Buses. 

I took some photos and made a few measurements of traffic lanes and such. 

But what was most interesting is that Precision Environmental, the DiGeronimo company that was doing the asbestos removal at the Breuer Building before Fox announced that the FBI was investigating, was also doing the work at 6611. 

I asked the 6 workers (all white) the scope of the job (I assumed putting the metal studs in the photo up across the face of the building for what purpose I don't know), but none of the workers would talk with me.  The foreman would only tell me that Precision was working for the Greater Cleveland Rapid Transit Authority.    Joe Calabrese is the head of RTA

The foreman said he "didn't want to put his foot in his mouth" by talking with me.  Clearly, the foreman wasn't born yesterday.

Hey, nice work if you can get it!

I predict this building will never be re-used and will soon be demolished - leaving the RTA ratepayers holding the (empty) bag.   NB All the concrete floor slabs have subsided - building is shot.   All you need is a string line - or open eyes - to observe this.

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So does this explain the RTA rate increase? I have been enjoying taking the Rapid to work for the past few weeks, since I recently moved to the East side. I am realizing though that it can be quite expensive. $1.75 Shaker to Tower City + $1.75 Tower City to West Blvd., + same $3.50 home. Fortunately I can buy a day pass for $4.00 or a weekly pass (I forget what the going rate for that is). But I think that the rates are quite expensive, The last rate hike went into effect just a few days ago, before that a day pass was $3.50, and last year my husband said they were $3.00. $4.00 is a lot, especially if you are earning minimum wage. The cost of public transportation must be frustating for many. Overall, I think the system is great, it allows me to get in about an hour of reading each work day that I would never find time for otherwise. The bus and rapid system is a great asset for all who use it, but I am disappointed if RTA is wasting dollars and not keeping rider's costs to a minimum.

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Commuter Pass

  Evelyn, look into the commuter pass offered by your employer.  It should allow you to purchase monthly passes at pre-tax rate.  The amount to cover the pass comes out of your salary pre-tax, offering considerable savings on your transportation costs and, overall, encouraging you to use public transportation for the tax advantage.