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The mysterious hacksawers have struck again.  Right in plain veiw out the window of the Treehouse on the corner of Professor and College they whacked off a green pole that boasted a "no parking from here to the corner" sign and re-deposited it about three yards forward and several feet shorter.  The white sign which is now near the stop sign was once where the white spot of concrete is now. 

Up close you can see that this time the doer of the deed left sharp metal petruding out of the concrete glob which is really dangerous should someone fall, especially a child. 

Over the past several months residents, Councilman Cimperman and Traffic Engineer Commissioner Rob Mavec have been working diligently at properly posting intersection and other street crossings as well as striping off streets in a concerted effort to make the entire neighborhood  a pedestrian friendly community.  With the up coming additions of the tow path and connector trails safety was a number one priority in affording the handicapped, elderly, disabled, walking impaired, children of all ages as well as cyclists and others to enjoy Tremont's many attractions. 

These sign not only protect those walking the streets and avenues but they protect the motorists as well.  One must wonder why would anyone circumvent the safety of their own community?




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Grabbing one more parking space

Hey Jerleen!  Let me see if I understand this:   The no parking from here to corner sign was moved closer to the corner, resulting in more curb space for about one more car.  

We'll need to engage Sherlock to figure who would have any motive to do this. 

Could it be that the Lincoln swimming pool folks needed another parking space?

No, that's closed for the winter.

Maybe Sokolowski's?  That place has people waiting in line for the door to open at 5:pm.  Yeah. Could be Soko's.

But wait!

The shorter sign.

What could have caused the shrinkage?

Someone left too much of the pole in the ground.  

Next time Treehouse, clamp a vice grip pliers on the shaft of the sign,  use a hydraulic or mechanical car jack to force the sign post right up out of the pavement, and then when you replace the sign in the bogus new location, you will have enough length to at least let the post and sign have it's honest height.

Bon Appetit!

Not only that Jeff, but this

Not only that Jeff, but this is about the third time this sign has been either removed, shortened or tampered with AND this is the only corner where the hacksawer has struck. 



Up-date, the sharp left over

Up-date, the sharp left over pole that was sticking out above the surface of the sidewalk where the 7' - "no parking from here to the corner" once stood has been sliced down and cut back below the concrete.

I came by about noon today and noticed that the adjustment had been made.  However, the sign is still out of place and does not provide enough clear visibility for motorists and pedestrians to have safe passage at the intersection.

at least you know they read


a police report

Should be filed if you can get the police to take it, Jerleen. I am sure that someone here can cite laws being broken. When a moving company moved into my area and huge trucks parked overnight and blocked the access to the streets, signs went up that said "no truck parking". They disappeared. Went up again, and down. The 2d district sent officers out to visit the trucking company and laid it out for them so clearly that the signs were not touched again. 

Communications regarding illegal moving of Street Sign


Hello All,

I will copy some of the email thread from the unlawful act. I applaude Councilman Cimperman for his willingness to file a police report regarding this matter on Monday 11-09-09. We also thank Ms. Valarie McCall from Mayor Jackson's office for her involvement to find out who is doing this.

Everyone wants to see a safe Tremont for everyone. At the bottom of this thread I will include where Councilman Cimperman, the City of Cleveland Traffic Engineering staff, various concerned Tremont Residents, and with the help of the TWDC safety committee has made it much easier for pedestrians and cyclists, to walk in crosswalks and have unabstructed views of traffic at intersections with installing the proper signs clearing stop signs and crosswalks.

To date 55 signs have been installed in northeastern Tremont. There is just one or two more intersections to complete phase one of this project.

We all owe thanks to Rob Mavec , Abe, City Crews, and Joe Cimperman for making our community Safe.


The following was a original email I sent to City of Cleveland Department heads, TWDC, TWDC Safety Committee, nd concerned community leaders.

Hello All:
I am very upset that this sign location has been chopped down and moved again now for the third time. Besides for the obvious that we need Traffic Engineering to relocate the sign back properly, it is time someone from the City of Cleveland look into this matter and investigate who is doing this.
I had just verified what Ms. Justus has pointed out and have taken pictures myself with date stamps. You will see the sign in the original position in the September picture. You will also see that a piece of sheared off metal pole stand is still jagged where it was sawed off.
This is not funny, someone could get hurt. Also FYI it is apparent that more time green restrictive signs are being removed from Professor Ave. north of College. I cans state signs have been removed for 2 hour parking on the second and third pole going north on Professor Ave. from College Ave.
It is ashamed that we have to keep wasting taxpayers money to go back out in this matter.
Thank you,
Henry P. Senyak
I would like to fill out a police report on this as a citizen. Enough is enough.
Joe Cimperman
About a hour after I send my original email I recieve a unpleasent rant of a phone call from the business owner where the sign frints his business.
The owner claimed he had the City of Cleveland legally move the sign.
Hello Joe,
Can you verify Tom's claim that Rob Mavec moved the sign. My opinion if the City moved it the sign would have a new pole, not a pole two foot shorter. Plus if you look at the new picture it is somewhat in the way of the sight line for the stop sign.
Hello Joe,
I spoke with Abe this afternoon and he made it clear that he had no orders to move the sign and his people did not move the sign. Abe seen the pictures and said their standard for a stand alone sign is at a 7ft height requirement and the way it is installed is not the way the City crews would operate.
Good morning,
Just confirmed with Commissioner Rob Mavec that neither he nor his staff, allowed or executed, the sign in question to be moved, or altered.
I also followed up with the Mayors office regarding the circumvention of community will, and that too is a myth.
So I will follow up with Commander Sulzer on Monday regarding a police report. Thank you, sorry to bother you on the weekend.


This matter is being reviewed and Traffic and Engineering will respond next week.


Valarie  McCall




New Parking Signs in Tremont Installed by the City of Cleveland Traffic Engineering Department since July 2009.

1) College Ave. at Professor Ave. NE corner                  -      Fronting the Treehouse Bar

2) College Ave. at Professor Ave. SW corner                  -      Side of Duda Gallery

3) Professor Ave. at Starkweather Ave. NW corner        -       Side of Lucky’s park

4) Literary Ave. at Professor Ave. NE corner                 -       Side of Lago’s

5) Literary Ave. at Professor Ave. SW corner                -       Side of Post 1

6) Literary Ave. at West 10th St. NE corner                    -       Side of Residence west of Lolita’s

7) West 11th St. at Fairfield Ave. NW corner                  -       Front of old Eikona Studio

8) West 11th St. at Fairfield Ave. SW corner                   -       Front of non-conforming parking lot

9) West 11th St. at Starkweather Ave. NW corner           -      Opposite of Merrick House by Lincoln Park

10) Starkweather Ave. at West 11th St. SW corner          -       Mounted on Stop sign east of Prosperity

11) West 11th St. at Starkweather Ave.  SW corner         -       Side of residence

12) Starkweather Ave. at West 11th St. NE corner          -       Mounted on Stop sign in front Merrick House

13) Literary Ave. at Thurman Ave. SW corner               -       Front of 801 Literary to corner sight-line issue

14) College Ave. at Thurman Ave. SW corner               -       Front of house to corner  sight-line issue

15) Jefferson Ave. at Thurman Ave. SW corner             -       Front of new Bio-Parking lot sight-line issue

16) Jefferson Ave. at Tremont Ave. SW corner              -       Side of Residence (Area of Tremont School)

17) College Ave. at Tremont Ave. SE corner                -        Side of Hispanic Church (Tremont School)

18) College Ave. at Tremont Ave. NE corner                -        Side of WEEMS (Tremont School Area)

19) Kenilworth Ave. at Tremont Ave. SW corner          -       Side of Tremont School playground

20) Kenilworth Ave. at West 10th St. SW corner           -        Front of 1005 Kenilworth (Tremont School)

21) West 10th St. at Kenilworth Ave. NW corner          -       Side of residence (Tremont School area)

22) West 11th St. at Kenilworth Ave. NW corner           -       Mounted on stop sign in front of Civilizations

23) West 11th St. at Kenilworth Ave. SW corner            -      Mounted on School sign in front Lincoln park

24) Kenilworth Ave. at West 11th St. SW corner            -       Mounted on Sign side of Lincoln Park

25) West 7th St. at Jefferson Ave. SE corner                   -      Side of 615 Jefferson Ave.

26) Jefferson Ave. at West 7th St. NE corner                  -      Side of Residence

27) Jefferson Ave. at West 7th St. SE corner                   -      Side of Residence

28) West 7th St. at Literary Ave. NW corner                  -       Side of Residence

29) West 7th St. at Literary Ave. SE corner                    -       Side of Residence

30) Literary Ave. at West 7th St. NE corner                    -      In front of 622 Literary Ave.

31) Literary Ave. at West 7th St. SE corner                    -      In front of 619 Literary Ave.

32) Literary Ave. at West 7th St. SW corner                   -     In front of 709 Literary Ave.

33) Kenilworth Ave. at Tremont Ave. NW corner         -     Southside of Tremont Triangle

34) Tremont Ave. at Kenilworth Ave. NW corner         -     Eastside of Tremont Triangle

35) Tremont Ave. at West 10th St. NE corner                 -     By Weems – East dead-end of Tremont

36) Tremont Ave. at College Ave. SE corner                  -    Front of Spanish Church

37) Tremont Ave. at Jefferson Ave. SE corner                -    Side of La Bodega

38) Jefferson Ave. at Tremont Ave. NE corner               -     Front of former Southside Cleaners

39) Tremont Ave. at Starkweather Ave. NW corner       -     Opposite of 2475 Tremont Ave.

40) Starkweather Ave. at West 10th St. SE corner           -     Side of Hotz Café

41) Starkweather Ave. at West 10th St. SW corner          -     Front of 1007 Starkweather Ave.

42) Literary Ave. at West 11th St. NE corner                   -     Front of Studio 11

43) Literary Ave. at West 10th St. SW corner                  -     Side of Ekonia Studio

44) West 10th St. at Kenilworth Ave. SE corner              -     Side of Tremont School Playground

45) West 10th St. at Literary Ave. SE corner                   -      Front of 2265 West 10th Street

46) West 10th St. at Literary Ave. NW corner                 -      Front of 2242 West 10th Street

47) West 10th St. at Fairfield Ave. SE corner                   -     Side of Bank

48) West 10th St. at Fairfield Ave. NW corner                 -     Front of Residence

49) West 10th St. at Professor Ave. NE corner                  -    Front of 2139 West 10th St.

50) West 10th St. at University Ave. SE corner                 -    Front of Camp Cleveland site.

51) West 7th St. at Marquardt Ave. NE corner                   -   Front of 2499 West 7th St.

52) Jefferson Ave. at Professor Ave. NE corner                -  Side of Fahrenheit

53) Jefferson Ave. at Professor Ave. SW corner               -   Side of open lot

54) Professor Ave. at Jefferson Ave.  NW corner              -  Front of 2418 Professor Ave.

55) Professor Ave. at Jefferson Ave. SE corner                 -  Front of Flying Monkey


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thanks Henry

For the details. I hope that the Commander himself is able to get out to the business in the area where this is going on. I know that he can make himself quite clear. 

I do believe that that is

I do believe that that is being handled by a higher authority. 

Aren't there

security cameras in Tremont? Are they  in that area? 

I'm glad Henry posted all

I'm glad Henry posted all the details.  I hesitated because of the many e-mails and did not feel at liberty  to post them all.  The Councilman has assured us that he will be going to file a complaint with the police Dept. on Monday. 

This has been such a huge project with so much work involved.  Even though I was not able to participate in any of the walk-arounds , from the on-set of my interest in this project beginning in October 2008, until the present, I know first hand what it has taken to see this through to this point and for somebody to pull such a stunt really ticks me off. 

I remember how anxious Henry and I were when the first article on this subject came out in the April issue of the Plain Press wondering if it  would make a difference and if we would ever see any progress as a result of our collaborations.  Well, I think that 55 new/replaced signs is plenty progress. 

However, without Councilman Cimperman obtaining the assistance of Commissioner Mavec, Abe and the work crews, we would not be seeing our intersections and crosswalks properly posted and pedestrian friendly.  This is one project that I have been proud to be involved in and have always thought that as a team effort, it was a good thing.


details of the signs

The details of the signs show what a project this has been. Congratulations to you all for the positive results of all the work that went into this. 

The First Article of 3 in the Series


by Jerleen Justus

(Plain Press, April 2009) Tremont is a community of strategically placed Historical District signs, but signs more crucial to preserving life and limb are missing.

Many street poles in the neighborhood are missing "no parking from here to this corner" signs. On some streets this means partially blocked or no visibility at all for oncoming traffic at intersections.

Other signs missing from their respective posts are: tow away zones, no stopping and no parking signs. The City of Cleveland Department of Traffic and Engineering is the department with the responsibility to rectify this matter.

In driving through other destinations and entertainment districts in the city of Cleveland, it seems signage is complete and compliant creating a safer thoroughfare for both drivers and pedestrians.


Since safety at crosswalks is contingent on discerning observations, parking in no parking zones creates dangerous and threatening circumstances that cannot be ignored, especially by those at the helm of Tremont West Development Corporation. In comparison to Tremont, the Warehouse District, Ohio City and East 4th Street, all have proper signs mounted exactly where they need to be.

At a Tremont West Development Corporation (TWDC) Economic Development/Long Range Planning Committee meeting on March 5, 2009, the penciled in agenda topic of "parking in Tremont" was opened for discussion. Committee Member Henry Senyak raised the issue of parking as a safety concern. TWDC Staff member Sammy Catania made his position known when he responded that safety had nothing to do with parking.

One TWDC member in attendance at the Economic Development and Long Range Planning Committee meeting said "Sammy Catania went berserk when somebody mentioned somethin’ about parkin' causing safety issues." The orator chuckled and continued, "I thought him and Henry were gonna duke it out,"

"I dispute the fact the statement that parking concerns in Tremont are not a safety factor as stated by TWDC Strategic Investment Initiative Development Director Sammy Catania," states Tremonter Henry Senyak.

"Tremont is a great destination place for all to enjoy but starting in the evenings parking is a real problem. Face it, visitors will park wherever they think they can park, including crosswalks, driveways, bus stops, and in front of fire hydrants. All it will take is one incident like a mother and her children from the neighborhood to be run down in the middle of Professor Avenue coming to or from the Jefferson Branch of the Cleveland Public Library," continued Senyak.

Safety is one of the comprehensive amenities mentioned by residents in the notorious Tremont Strategic Investment Initiative concept planning meetings. Many of these diverse denizens either out of necessity or by choice take the bus.

Tremont's Strategic Investment Initiative plan spells out as a positive aspect the effectiveness of the Regional Transit Authority (RTA). A safe gateway to public transportation is essential and relied on by local commuters. For some it is their only fare to shopping, medical facilities, going to and from work or just travel in general. For public transit to work well, access to bus stops is a necessity. Also important is the ability of RTA operators maintaining set schedules.

The detail omitted from the soft soaped Strategic Investment Initiative script is that during the valet parking hours of the high-end restaurant/bars, there is no one patrolling the streets of Tremont to assure bus shelters are free and clear of parked vehicles. Thus there is no guarantee of safe on and off avenues for those waiting for the long locomotive trying to weave it's way through a traffic jam of valet cones and double-parked cars.

It recent weeks, valet parkers have been documented, placing valet cones, at or near bus stops and blocking both corners of certain streets. These obstacles create hazardous and unsafe conditions, which could result in serious injury to both motorist and RTA riders. This is not to mention the added pressure and burden for the handicapped in trying to squeeze and maneuver a wheelchair between parked cars to gain access to public transit. Per federal law all buses in service shall be ADA accessible which would clearly make blocking bus stops not only hazardous but discrimination as well.

Senyak states, "RTA needs to investigate this matter and ask the City of Cleveland to provide proper transit waiting areas, signage and enforcement so both parties are not discriminating against handicapped passengers utilizing public transportation. RTA should use it's police force to write parking tickets in Tremont to help an already over burdened Cleveland police force," continued Mr. Senyak.

Legally permitted valet parking zones can only be issued after an application is made, and investigation and final inspection completed by the office of the Traffic Engineering Department. Only two of five existing valet zones in front of Tremont area restaurant/bar establishments, were found to be operating with the proper City of Cleveland permits. These locations are currently Fahrenheit and Lolita's.

City Codified Ordinances state that valet parking must not impede the flow of traffic. Being at the red light intersection of Professor and Jefferson, during prime time, motorists are often stuck behind double parked cars and big busses, waiting up to five minutes at a time for a valet steward to return from two or three blocks away from having just valet parked someone's vehicle on a public street. Valet parkers tailed, after charging patrons, have been seen parking cars on residential streets, robbing residents of their parking spots.

Due to more and more restaurants/bars utilizing valet services and the growing need for additional parking, it is mind boggling that TWDC committees refuse to address this issue on the basis that it is none of their business. These same committees, rigidly support and endorse new business growth in the retail district, and openly admit that parking issues must be addressed, yet will not take responsibility in trying to resolve the parking space shortage.

Henry Senyak believes that there is a solution to the problem, "All parties need to come together including each and every restaurant owner along with TWDC, and all the impacted block clubs to create a feasibility study on how to rectify the lack of off-street parking for the Professor Avenue business district." Senyak further states, "St. John Cantius is the only legitimate option to provide relief. Their enormous parking facilities can rectify 90% of the entire off-street parking problem in Tremont.

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Parking problem raises safety concerns in Tremont

  Councilman Cimperman


Councilman Cimperman take lead on traffic safety issues in Tremont

(Plain Press, October 2009) Ward 13 Councilman Joe Cimperman has taken the lead in addressing parking and safety concerns by teaming up with area residents and promoting the need for sign compliance in the Tremont community. City of Cleveland's Traffic Engineer Commissioner Rob Mavec's plans to replace all the many missing or damaged parking regulator signs on a piece meal basis. In the meantime, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists can begin to navigate a number of intersections under safer conditions.

While the neighborhood is still dozens of signs away from being compliant, the twenty plus, newly posted "No Parking Zone" and "No Parking Any Time" signs have no doubt opened up more visual paths for drivers and pedestrians entering and exiting the intersections, side streets and alleyways where the signs were missing.

Residents of Thurman Alley, South of Jefferson, say they have been waiting a long time for help in clearing a safe exit without having to drive blindly into the middle of Jefferson Avenue. "Having these spaces cleared and properly posted removes some of the threat of being plowed into by on-coming traffic in attempting to get out onto the main street." stated one long-time Thurman Alley homeowner.

Many residents are praising the Councilman and others who have vigorously pushed this project forward and made the community a safer place for their children to live and play.

The Old South Side Community Coalition gave Councilman Cimperman a standing ovation at their meeting on September 21, upon hearing a detailed progress report addressing the signage replacement, street stripping, bump-outs and other solutions for speed control in all of Tremont that would be implemented and completed in 2010. The Councilman stated that he and Commissioner Mavec (along with Ward 14 Lincoln Heights/Scranton Starkweather Co-chair and TWDC Board Member Henry Senyak) had conducted several walk around surveys that pinpointed the locations most hazardous to public safety. These sites were noted and placed on a first priority list.

The Councilman further stated that the City of Cleveland would be addressing resident concerns surrounding the West 14th Street Roundabout by installing white speed zone signs and that law enforcement will be keeping a closer watch on traffic moving in and out of the roundabout. Flexible lane barriers will be installed which will assist in keeping motorists in the proper lanes and aid in speed control as well. Councilman Cimperman and Commissioner Mavec said the Ohio Dept of Transportation has been informed of the seriousness of the Roundabout situation and they will be taking a closer look at the possibility of stop signs, traffic lights and other traffic control devices.

A follow up meeting (open to the public) for further discussions, up-dates and details is scheduled for October 13, 2009, in the upstairs conference room of the Polish Legion of American Veterans FDR Post 58 at 2442 Professor Avenue.

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by Jerleen Justus

Notice:  I would encourage

Notice:  I would encourage everyone in Tremont to attend the Traffic meeting scheduled or November 10, 2009, 7:00PM, upstairs at post 58 on Professor Avenue.  The word circulating around is that a number of business owners from the community are planning on attending this meeting to request that the newly posted traffic regulator signs be removed.  These signs have been installed for the safety of our families, our children, the handicapped, the walking impaired, cyclists as well as motorists.  Making such a demand clearly indicates that these business owners have no consideration for the safety of the residents or the public at large.

The traffic meeting turned

The traffic meeting turned out to be most informative and Councilman Cimperman proved that he could go the distance for this neighborhood.  He made no qualms in stating that he would be filing a formal complaint with the 2nd District Police Department regarding the whacked off "no parking from here to the corner" sign on the corner of Professor and College. 

He also invited Jim McKnight to provide the group with beautiful presentation of intersection and curb bump-outs that are being planned for the Tremont community which will assist in making crosswalks safer, facilitate in slowing traffic, and aid in keeping motorists from blocking fire hrdrants and parking too close to corners and intersections.  Councilman Cimperman also made it understood that in these new plans for street/intersection improvements, i.e. bumpouts, he would be making the routes wheelchair friendly and accessible for those with disabilities.

Also last night at the 2nd District Community Relations Award Ceremony, Officer Jim Simone was awarded for being "TOP COP" in giving out the most tickets on a number of violation, one being parking ticket and upon his return to work, we're going to be requesting that he be assigned to Tremont. 

bump outs

 Will constructing these bumpouts take up more street space or will it come out of the sidewalk space? Tremont has a lot of wide, spacious sidewalks in some areas. The streets can be very narrow in a lot of places.