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Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 11/06/2007 - 19:33.

This sunflower is from Lucky's Cafe Garden (Maurice Small is the gardener).

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Luckys Garden Pan

I just happen to have a pan of that garden, above, from a shoot I did for the October Cleveland Magazine... I'd never been to this very cool place before so was glad for the intro. I think the Lucky's Pan below is included in the print edition, although I haven't seen it yet... Laura, got the October Cleveland Magazine around the library?

Disrupt IT


  Yes, we get Cleveland Magazine* at the Brooklyn Branch library.  Libraries in cities are great places.  I will check tomorrow.  Speaking of Sunlight--real and metaphoric.  Elsewhere, I have been characterized as juvenile for suggesting that solar is a feasible option for a flat roof in Cleveland.  Well, Whole Foods in New Jersey has a flat solar roof installed by SunEdison.  New Jersey--hmmm, let's look at the geography.   I am sick of the SOS and institutional inertia.  Everyday. 

*And the daily Plain Dealer, Wall Street Journal, weekly Brooklyn Sun Journal, Call and Post, Crain's Cleveland Business, monthly Northern Ohio Live, Cleveland Catalyst, and the Sunday edition of the New York Times.  We also have free WiFi.

when did you get the WiFi?

When I went to the Venable talk, I thought you didn't yet have WiFi over at your Brooklyn Branch. When did that change?

Citizen voices make a difference

Tim, your appearance, Brian Cummins' appearance, and other residents, who took the time to show up and voice your ideas made for an immediate and almost overnight turnaround in the installation time. 

As an employee (albeit resident, too), I have been harping for over a year now, to no avail, and I have watched potential long-term patrons walk in the door with their laptop, turn around and leave, probably for ever, because we did not have WiFi. 

Which shows, why we need residents like you to speak up all the time.  To show our leaders (most of whom don't live here) that we are not charity cases, that we want high STANDARDS from the top down.  So, Tim, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Also--something that may be of interest to residents.  using your CPL account, you can set up RSS feeds to timely magazines like Worldwide Energy.  Stop in with your laptop, and I will demonstrate how to do it.

taking delivery today

I'm taking delivery on a newer IBM one with wifi today, oddly enough, as soon as UPS gets here. Gloria got her upgrade a few weeks ago, so now we will be stopping by to test the marvels of this connected age, taking our electronic cottage on the road.


We'll call first to make sure you're there.


And not political stepping stones

  Those of us, who choose to live in the city, which the current administration markets well as the "City of Choice," are not charity cases and not political stepping stones. 

Today, a delivery man came to the house and commented on the spiffy new trash receptacles (with ANSI standards listed on the containers).  I think he really wanted to take mine.  He was genuinely amazed.  A real city service that works.  Don't be surprised.  Expect it.  Demand it.

BTW-Norm, great photos in the Best of Cleveland issue of Cleveland Magazine, which again....features Tremont.  I give the young author credit, but she is a renter.  My neighborhood allows people to buy a home in the city. 

If I write an article about Brooklyn Centre, do you think it will fly?  Can I also say, that I have a bit of a beef on the choices for "Best of Cleveland," since most of the businesses featured are in Solon, Beachwood or Hudson...

Check out the issue, too, for Laura Taxel's article on farming in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, featuring photos by Barney Taxel.  No link for you.  Come to the library and check out the magazine yourself!