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(City Club forum 4-2010--questions posed by Rick Taft-Pepper Pike and Brian Cummins-Brooklyn Centre)

Look who is endorsing Jim Rokakis for County Executive--Tim Russo.  That alone should make your blood run cold.

But, listen to the speech from the City Club 04.23.10 and realize the unchecked police powers given by the state to our county tax collector (there are six parts to the presentation). 

How do we see that money given back to the tax payer? Where is the accountability and the transparency? 

I watched the WVIZ rebroadcast--and in a room stacked with the treasurer's family and employees--saw no media presence or any real questions until the very end.  See questions asked in above video.  Whole video available here:


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Good sign Russo is Oengus

Going from importuner to troll - what a life.

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Where is the accountability and the transparency?

Where is the accountability and the transparency? My technology developments provide that.

Most of the problems here are enabled by the "technology experts" aka crooks planning and "leading" the IT for the region, in the past - I've told and shown them how to do better - asked them to help save this place - they don't care about anything but their MONEY!

So now I'm smashing them and their work to pieces and saving the children, for cause.

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Rokakis and Safeguard????

  Listen to the speech at the City Club--Safeguard's Robert Klein is part of the operation.

Next land grab? Commercial Properties.

Who gets first dibs??? Municipalities? I believe the person, who directed the question to Jim Rokakis was his uncle or cousin.  From the WVIZ video he looks to me like the former owner of the Glen Restaurant, who made out when CVS came in a picked up his property along Broadview and Memphis in Old Brooklyn. Please someone.  Correct me if I am wrong.

How is land repurposed, redesignated and "reimagined??" Who gets the land designated for "rain gardens?" aka wetlands?? How about those demolition contracts??  How about those deconstruction contracts??  Where's the money coming from to pay for these "services"? Tax dollars??? Stimulus funds???  Tax lien sales??

These are questions I have for the land bank operation. 

Norm--if your technology ideas can provide transparency and accountability to the tax payer--I certainly hope that our new Cuyahoga County reform government will be talking to you. Because, I pay taxes and I don't see the money being spent in my neighborhood.

Problem solved - you'll have access to ALL your data shortly.

I have not discussed any specifics of our technology and the landbank with Rokakis - I've only talked to him about the problem with Oengus... whomever that is...

I have met extensively with people at the county who must make technology work for citizens, including how we map and present data about all the property in Cuyahoga County, for citizens.

Obviously, my concerns go beyond the landbank to crises in our environment, like childhood lead poisonings and the causes of that, which we must map with all the other layers that make up a good picture of our region and Neighborhoods.

All this is better organized than anyone realizes - but it is not "open source" and accessible.

The great barriers to progress here are legacy applications and technologies, which all organizations face as we enter the Golden Age of Computing.

We built ICEarth Bigbang computers - the world's most powerful open source computers - to solve these problems for the region, starting with government local IT for geographical modeling.

We are working to take all County mapping open source, move it to the world's most powerful computers (so it will actually be usable) and make access to public data free and easy for all citizens, via the Internet.

And, we propose to bridge the digital divide here for all citizens, in the process.

This is the implementation of the Open IT component of my proposal to transform the regional economy through county investment in developing our open local food and IT economies in this region, and we are making significant progress.

The current county administration is supportive and I recently met with County Administrator McCafferty to bring understanding of this work to the transition team, and I will be meeting with all real County Executive candidates to explain the power of this initiative to them - this is part of developing a "data-driven government", which County Executive candidate Fitzgerald has proposed, and I'm sure all intelligent candidates and citizens support.

None of this has been possible before - we didn't have the technology. Nobody had the technology... it wasn;t invented and open sourced yet.

ICEarth brought that together - Big Bang - right here in Cleveland.

In fact, we already built all the technology we need for this entire stage of our County initiatives, and have world-experts working with actual County data on this... have the whole county mapped - when you have THE technology and people it is no big deal to do all this, and the county has not been in the way... their little people are doing all this freely and openly with our little people, just like their little people are paid to do - definitely not a problem to blame on the county... the county IT people have just never been proposed the brightest greenest computing solutions on Earth, before ICEarth.

Problem solved - you'll have access to ALL your data as soon as the transition team buys-off.

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Rokakis and Safeguard Properties

In response to:

Rokakis and Safeguard????


Rip Off Report:

Safeguard Properties lies to its workers, its contractors are not getting paid what they earn Brooklyn Heights Ohio.

link here


Safeguard Properties Inc. Complaint

Foreclosure Scam!! Stealing personal property.... - Property Preservation/Inspection

link here

Inspections with Safeguard properties- is it worth it?

link here

Legal Alert - Non-Judicial Forceclosures- Safeguard Properties-

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Complaints Board:

SAFEGUARD PROPERTIES Complaints - Awful company

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Free Press Release



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Boom times for 'trash-outs,' in Oregon and elsewherehere



Wrongfully trashed-out, owner says


An Oregon businesswoman is furious, saying her vacation home was not in foreclosure

Glenn, 46, is suing Chase Home Finance and Safeguard Properties, the nation's largest privately held mortgage-field-services company, saying they dispatched trash-out workers who broke into her lakeside vacation home, ransacked it and took her possessions.

link here

And fraud of my person besides other numerous crimes with crooked attorneys, County Attorneys, and how can I forget Safeguard Properties. Safeguard has been breaking and entering, caused property damage, and committed criminal trespass in my property for a year and a half.



How many of you preservation contractors out there are being ripped off by the big national companies. Safeguard Properties is trying to scam me out of thousands of dollars. I bill everything according to thier pricing schedule (much less than the HUD standard), however they feel that they can just knock off $300 here and $500 there with no explanation. Worse yet is you cant get anyone from Safeguard to even look into it, they just route you to the billing dept and the billing dept. routes you back to the regionals. If your in the same boat and fed up PM me.

link here


Citi Mortgage/ Safeguard Properties Complaint

Scam by Safeguard Properties

link here

Safeguard Properties Didn't pay us! Valley View Ohio

link here


 Complaint against Safeguard.. Another company who is in on stealing and hurting customers of CitiMortgage is "Safeguard" a company that is hired to do the dirty work for CitMortgage so they can obtain the thousands of properties illegally each day.. Safeguard Properties Inc. - Foreclosure Scam!! Stealing personal property.... - Property Preservation/Inspection This is the group of people who were hired by CitiMortgage to go and tell my renters false and incorrect information, which was that my house was in "foreclose" this is not a true or correct statement.


link here

Trashouts. 45 days late on your mortgage payment?

 link here

Who will be our 'safeguard' against SAFEGUARD PROPERTIES?

link here

This is the saddest Safeguard Properties complaint: 

When they trashed my meds, they made my sacral injuries worse. I'm now back to using my walker, since I don't have my meds. As it worsens I may need my wheelchair. Problem is that's one of the things they stole. That's not going to look good for them in court or the news media.

link here

Whose Responsibility is the Foreclosed House Next Door?

link here

The other (Safeguard) arrived via an unmarked van and unreputable looking "staff" to "secure" a nearby property (it has taken them two visits and they left one of the structures open to the elements in the interim). 

link here

Safeguard Properties & Criminal Trespassing

link here

Latest Victim of Safeguard Properties - Helen Wood-



Safeguard and Field Assets lost a lot, maybe all of their Fannie REO work.
Or thats what I've heard from this site and talking to others.
There are some states that they lost all of their work.

link here



Treasurer Rokakis inquired about the status of contracts for field services since the pipelines for property acquisitions are now established. Mr. Frangos stated that contract negotiations are being finalized with Safeguard.

link here










Land Bank acquisition/leasing of Commercial properties

Listen to the City Club address--after the address, there is a question from the audience about the acquisition and possible leasing of commercial properties by the land bank.  What is this?  How did the taxpayer get put in this position?  Did we elect the treasurer to be a property manager?  And, soon, under Cuyahoga County Reform, we won't have a say as this powerful position will be appointed.

Rokakis alludes to the walk away on commercial properties to come--since foreclosure in the commercial property sector is the next wave.  He alludes to a large commercial property about to default.  What property would that be?  What will be the fate of our abandoned school properties, especially the South High property located along a strategic commercial corridor on Broadway, or the defunct YMCA building along Pearl Rd.??

Make Land Acquisition available to local investors for start ups

The investment of offering these properties openly to the local market of folks who have tons of business ideas with a 12 month abatement and some incentives to start their businesses in all of these buildings would come back to help our community beyond words.... Those incentives might offer employers the breaks they need to start small businesses, get wrap around services, and invest into our local economy for a multitude of business concepts...but that greed of controlling properties for the few who are able to conquer the political regimes of power here in town has imploded upon us all....and run out the majority of small businesses...

It's time to get back to the basics...and really invest in our people who want to do business here...and stop making it so impossible for the small businesses to get going....  Hey, what about this little known CDC that is a NFP getting funding with Mayor Jackson to provide industrial initiatives....connect the dots----http://www.wire-net.org/ciri.html

The WIRE-NET has been supposed to be doing something good for our community and they get funded through City Council...What about them? Evidently Jay Westbrook is actively engaged with them and they are somewhere in the Detroit Shoreway Corridor..... Hmmm... all of these efforts benefiting who? Wonder how many properties they have? Wonder how they are collaborating to help the folks in town....Looks like they owned the building that Stockyard Redevelopment is in and had it up for sale.... intriquing.

Life's a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna find! Run Forest, Run! 


PD lifts media curtain???

Will the Plain Dealer allow their reporters to run with this story??? Stay tuned.


I can't wait to learn about the employees working Air Quality

I can't wait to learn about the employees working Air Quality

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Good going, Mark Puente

 Bush, who says at the end  "I like to serve the people, but I've got to do stuff,". What a disservice to people waiting to have their tax appeals heard!

A job well done by Puente and Baird.

I believe the air monitoring guy for Cleveland said the same

I believe the air monitoring guy for Cleveland said about the same thing to me about citizens being poisoned by him...

That seems more important to me...

Our propoerty is all WORTHLESS with this pollution.

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