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YES, Nelson Cintron Jr. was a positive and unifying leader historically. He worked tirelessly to unite all people of common grounding in order to empower them to achieve their missions.  He supported goals of enumerable organizations, referred them to resources, and he enjoyed promoting citizen developed efforts to be engaged participants within our community at large. He knew the significance of every person's participation...

He was not trying to micromanage every dream towards reality, he was inviting the residents to collaborate and get energized... He offered positive feedback, positive resources, and he shared his wisdom to encourage individuals, teams, partnerships, and corporations, and everyone to succeed. He is not a selfish human being. He wasn't trying to take  credit for everything...he worked to promote everyone's accomplishments in our Ward, from individuals to churches to schools to hospitals....everyone.

When they redistricted the Ward 14 northern boundaries by cutting out Ohio City where so much City Planning and Development had been invested from our Ward 14 Councilman in support of the City Planning missions- they forgot to mention all of the investments that were part of Ward 14's support during Nelson Cintron's terms.

Whether Nelson Cintron jr was a councilman, an average person, or even when he was a youthful person- his dedication to this community has remained. It is his first instinct to treat people with consideration, respect, and realistic reactions to their needs. He's not out here trying to make promises...and I have a had a few of them "promises" thrown at me by his competitors... in this election...

I say all of this from watching Nelson Cintron Jr throughut his career. I don't get paid to say any of this. I don't need to be paid to speak the truth. I believe that some of the historical competitors and even Santiago perpetuated false pretenses/negative campaign strategies to win over the people and you see what the results were. 

At this point, you must realize that the true devastation and polarity of our ward has been magnified tremendously by Santiago. When Nelson Cintron Jr was in office, any person could call and get a reasonable response from him or his staff in a timely manner. People were significant to him inside and outside of work...

I hope that if anyone herein has any questions... any considerations or curiosities... I pray that they call Nelson Cintron Jr. direct and speak with him openly. I have grilled Nelson Cintron about many scenarios...and he has cited the answers, shown me the facts that support his actions, has provided me with evidence, and has been professional about his responses to degrees of professionalism that, I myself, hadn't even predicted.  Nelson Cintron Jr exhibits competence, awareness, and critical ethical skills that amaze me.

Perhaps if anyone who questions that about him actually picked up the phone and addressed their concerns with him, they'd come to learn a lot about Nelson Cintron Jr which they hadn't appreciated to date. When the dust settles from the bigotry, the haters, the political 'polar' bears making you false promises, then maybe you all can begin to think more clearly. When you get past the drama- you will meet a very genuine, deserving, and respectable man who does his best to make our world a better place... with each of us playing an integral and vital role in the interim.  

I'll tell you one thing... despite the fact that he was no longer Councilman... he never hesitated to be proactive in helping his fellow residents in the ward.

It was Santiago who adamantly refused to work with the block clubs, respect the outspoken citizens who rallied to close bars, while neglecting his role as a leader to unite us all, not polarize us. Santiago's disdain, contempt, and lack of leadership skills created unparralleled dissention in this community... He was challenged multiple times to participate, help out struggling businesses, help out veterans, and to use his power to empower our residents. According to him, that was not his job. (I still wonder what he thought his job was?) 

At the end of the day, I encourage democracy to run its course. I encourage voters to speak out for their communities. I promote a healthy venue of the facts as I see them. I recognize everyone's right to their opinions all the same with respect. I just hope that we all find the empowerment with this election to TAKE BACK OUR COMMUNITY! 

One thing I can tell you about Nelson Cintron Jr... he believes in the process, providing the people with the opportunity to actively participate in their ward issues, and he strongly believes in hearing your concerns so that he can effectuate change that you need and desire.


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