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Has anyone else noticed the amazing cloud show this summer?

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Maxfield Parrish day

  Yesterday and today have been Maxfield Parrish days for me.  As much as we want to feel despair over the state of affairs in NEO.  The skies provide inspiration to me, at least, that all is not lost.

Revel in the beauty of this fine day.


uplifting, visionary, beautiful

I love Maxfield Parrish.  The art he created and left behind is so uplifting, visionary and beautiful.  I also have admiration for Parrish, because from what I've learned of his private life (in a documentary I saw on PBS) he faced some really difficult challenges; continuing to create, in spite of.  And too, Parrish was one of the first to blur the distinction between graphic art and fine art.  This may not seem so important, but in the high-brow art world, all those years ago, that was a huge achievement.


Illustration versus ART

  Eternity--you and I seem to be on the same wavelength.  All great ART tells a story. 

More later on this--Picturing America.

Beautiful Clouds....thanks

Beautiful Clouds....thanks for posting the pic.  I needed an uplift today.