Regulators Fell One Bank, Spare a Rival

Submitted by dweller1 on Fri, 04/24/2009 - 07:15.

article questioning why AmTrust was spared while National City Bank got whacked.

Good question...

  No apparent answers...Who calls the shots in this country?

And who calls the shots in NEO?--Why is the Opportunity Corridor such a priority, while the rest of our infrastructure crumbles?

The Greater Cleveland Partnership named Terri Hamilton Brown as project director for the Opportunity Corridor project. She will serve as a liaison to ODOT and will coordinate planning for the proposed 2¾-mile boulevard. The Partnership also announced the creation of an Opportunity Corridor Steering Committee, which will be chaired by Terry Egger and Jamie Ireland.

They made one "healthy"

They made one "healthy" bank, but we lost out. 

The reasons were based on ratios tier one, how much capital and how leveraged. Above or below, and who get how much. The numbers are they real? I would think so, I think altering them would or could get you in jail for long time.

They NCB were caught on the riff, sliding towards the line but not yet passed it.

Two relatively similar banks PNC and NCB, combined creatively made on good bank.

For Amtrust, they just got TARP as any other bank did. The TARP was to keep them above the line on Tier One ratios. The way others perceive risk in them.

They still have not resolved the underling problem that being the cost of living and income and debt determinants. They stopped the credit cards or at least they proposed to from raising rates, just because they can. These people would raise you to 25% and send you blank checks….most would not use them, but some would. It is not ok.

Laura I drove down East 93rd yesterday, I shortcut threw there, people are too distracted by the project. It needs to have a secondary focuses. From Quebec to Cedar there is at risk historic properties, many and those streets could be viable. That area has very bad feng shui, I think the corridor could breath some life into it. East 93rd has as many as one hundred units of abandoned apartments. It is not in the path of the corridor it is adjacent to it. There are no plans to demolish anything on those streets they are long residential streets. They are less than 50% utilized. The path of the corridor is not taking much out, it is all for the most part brown zone.

I hope they remove some of the horrible blight, be aware you come from a place that may only be know to you. You will have no influence if you are not at the level of knowledge of those that are actually involved. Thanks for the names, I will lend influence.

I want a corridor down East 79th, it has three rapid stations. I would like to see it widened and made a transit corridor. I am working on influenceing development of a central commercial square at Central and East 79th. That is all Newburgh district, from a regional perspective that as a district needs the most attention.

The map does not show a small metro district for downtown. It would be from Woodland north to the lake, from E55th west to the river.

I am turning lights on, think in terms of districts as sections. Each being based on the township boundaries. That how Indianapolis did it.

They say ten people have ten different ideas of what regionalism would be, lets try one.

Combined functional districts….