VIDEO: very little guidance for students in schools - need businesses and non-profits to get involved

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 11/10/2005 - 16:59.

This "Storm the Palace" participant in an "Education" world cafe discusses the lack of guidance for students making long term learning and work plans - suggests people from business and non-profits come to the schools to help students understand opportunities in the real world ahead.

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Good point... we need to think and act like the army

I recall reading that the Lakewood School system has had parents and students complain the military is very active recruiting students in the schools there - rather than ban such practice, the schools suggested other organizations could come in and do the same. So why doesn't NEO put together a sophisticated program in the schools, while students are still planning their futures, spreading awareness of needs and opportunities in the region, which would help steer students into high demand careers, and fields of learning that will lead to employment, thus also making sure there is talent to fill the job openings of our economy in the future.

NEO college students could be mentors

A mentoring group of NEO college students should help Cleveland students prepare for college. They could help students choose a college, fill out applications, choose a major, help them develop the study skills they will need to persue that major, etc. To many students who do not have a family member who is a college graduate or college student the application process can be overwhelming and discouraging. This would also be a way for NEO college students to connect with the community and share their enthusiam for learning.

Mentoring could help young students

This connect students with alumni from the same schools and communities, so there are direct connections and synergies... Shaw High Alumni talking to East Cleveland students - and they should approach students in early grades - 1st - 4th - 7th - 10th... get students thinking about college when they can still model learning behaviors that will get them accepted and help them learn what they will need to know to succeed in higher learning. Lots of great other potential benefits... help college bound kids get summer jobs that will help prepare them for college, vs. flipping burgers... create support networks for kids making transition to college... help colleges attract desirable candidates.


Evelyn, did you see the article in the metro section of today's PD?

The plan, apparently, is to link CSU to local school districts that are members of the LNOCA (Lakeshore Northeast Ohio Computer Association) via a high-speed fiber-optic network(OneCleveland?).

This sound like part of the technology infrastructure of what you suggest is being put in place. I did notice that the Cleveland School System doesn't seem to be included in that consortium.

Mentoring kids

Do you know about Big Brothers and Big Sisters program?


I've seen the ads on television

That's a good question. I've seen ads on TV but I don't know much about the program. Are they a part of the answer? We should explore... anyone ever been involved with Big Brother Big Sister?