Richie Havens's Performance at Playhouse Square

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Case Western Law School had a benefit concert to support some of the events and interests of their program at Playhouse Square September 5th, 2008 and what a remarkable performance! It was an intimate evening with a legendary folk singer who is an amazing storyteller as well as an inspiration when it comes to peace and social justice. He has a new album called "No one left to crown," and has a remarkable version of a Jackson Browne song called "Lives in the Balance." After the show he makes it a point to stay and greet those who want autographs and words of advice. Which as a 27 year old very disillusioned with today's political climate I asked his advice. I got a huge hug and some "dust" from his feet. And, a Hare Krishna response. Which for those of you who don't know what that is, it's just a simple act that when someone is humble and a very elevated individual you pretend to get dust from under their feet as though you, yourself aim to be humble as well. He also sang "Freedom" which is a classic from when he did it at Woodstock in 1969. Years later he explains how relevant his music is now as it was then. I can't describe how wonderful of a person he is, he embodies so much talent, compassion and some of the best who all hope we can be. Please check out the CD if your'e a fan. And, check out events that the Department of Social Justice at Case Western Reserve University creates. Be inspired-we need change and change comes from action! Words from Havens "one day it will be all ok, becasue we have greatness within all of us, and we are all related."

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Richie Havens

Last night, we heard Richie Haven's version of Bob Dylan's Just like a Woman, while at Sokolowski's in Tremont. It was almost a channeling experience. I had no idea that Richie Havens was in town and I am sad that I missed the experience, but at the same time, glad to have younger eyes and ears to recount it.