REALNEO going down for upgrade

Submitted by Jeff Schuler on Thu, 08/28/2008 - 12:04. will be going to maintenance mode very soon, for a Drupal upgrade and transfer to our new (old) host, Bryght / Raincity Studios.

Please bear with us. The site should be back to (better-than-)normal within a few hours.

Good things are in store!

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Congratulations and Thanks, Jeff Schuler and Bryght/Raincity

If things on REALNEO seem a tad different, it is because we just upgraded the version of Drupal running REALNEO a few versions more recent than what REALNEO has been running for nearly 4 years, now. This is actually a huge change, behind the scenes, that enables major enhancements to our social network. We as a community will learn more about what this upgrade enables, together.

"We" (hard to say who exactly REALNEO is) have been trying to make this upgrade for years, so now seeing the upgrade complete really is an astounding accomplishment. Everyone who is a fan, member and contributor of REALNEO owe thanks to our VOLUNTEER site developer and administrator Jeff Schuler, without whom REALNEO may never have survived to achieve this objective. And we owe awe and thanks to the folks who helped start REALNEO in the first place, hosted REALNEO for free for years, and now host us again, Bryght, in collaboration with Raincity Studios, of Vancouver, BC. 

WOW! I can't wait to see where we may take real NEO now!

Thanks Jeff, Roland, Boris and anyone else who helped make this a success! 

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thanks to Schuler, Buster and Roulet

I just posted a comment and marveled at the wonder of working in this new version! It's so slick!

Many, many thanks to Jeff Schuler - the man behind the curtain, to Jeff Buster for picking up the tab when things got dire there for a bit and to Norm Roulet for picking up the tab for years and for having the brilliant idea to introduce open source technology to NEO. For real NEO. Thanks to all of you and especially to these three gentlemen!

Wow is this fast

REALNEO is a whole new animal, since the upgrade. I just changed the header logo and instead of the site hanging up for a few minutes or crashing, the file uploaded and the site refreshed in a few seconds. WOW.

And nice to see all the new admin features of the newer Drupal... what a joy. Now to see what other modules may improve the network!

Anyone have any questions about the new interface... or finding bugs with the install... post them here

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and thanks to Miller, and, and...

Susan's been right there making this happen too! And thanks to lmcshane, metroparks muse, and Roldo for raising issues and suggestions.

A community effort! I'm excited and appreciative to play a role in such a REAL, LIVE community.

roll the credits

And, let's not forget all of the folks behind Drupal, and the rest of our software platform stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL, php... all open source.

Leaders of the REALNEO Community

Of course, the content of realneo is king, and the structure is unique - kudos to Sudhir on both. Kevin Cronin has kept us informed on bike matters, John McGovern on the environment, Zebra Muscle and Bill MacDermott have taking green to the edge... and many others have been core to making this such an interesting and valuable place for all.

Please feel free to add other memorable contributors of all types... we are real NEO.

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disappearing images or posts

I had an email this morning from a user about disappearing posts and/or disappearing images in posts. I checked my blog and noted that a couple of images had in fact disappeared. When I returned to those pages the images loaded where they had been. Is anyone else experiencing this delay on image returns or images or posts lost altogether? Maybe with the new version the program is just having to reach into other sites of dig for attachments... I don't know. Do you?

disappearing images

There's bound to be some image weirdness. This version of Drupal tries to be smarter about images, creating previews/thumbnails. The system was probably trying to process those images, and didn't load them on first view.

If some things never show up, please let me know. Otherwise, I'm aware there are thumbnails where there shouldn't be, and will look into it.

did we lose the read counters?

The posts used to tell us how many read we had. Is that gone or do we just have to "turn that on"?

reads re-added

Many of the access control settings had been changed. I've re-allowed access to the read counters, as well as a number of other things that were blocked.

Please keep posting issues you find...

Automatic Web Links

I just posted a comment about "Wind turbines make bat lungs explode" where I included the web address...

...that used to automatically convert to a live weblink, and I believe that there used to be a "link" button (which opened a pop-up window) in the comments area in case the "auto-link" feature didn't kick in.


PS: THANKS!! to ALL!!! involved with the new upgrade...

"Faster", "Brighter", "New & Improved", "Bigger than Tigger" even... thanks again.

enable rich-text

The site is set to default with rich text editor off - it used to default on - we'll probably change it back. So all the text windows are just plain text without any of the little buttons - to turn them on, click on the link at the bottom of each box that says "enable rich text" and you'll see all the buttons for images, links, etc... and they should work!

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URLs and Rich Text in Posts and Comments

The URL filter, (which turns web and e-mail addresses into clickable links,) was not on. It is now.

I've turned rich text mode on, (by default,) too. If you'd prefer it not be, you can change this preference for your account:

  1. Click My Account from the menu on the left
  2. Click the Edit tab
  3. Expand the TinyMCE rich-text settings section
  4. Change the default state: Enabled (Rich Text) or Disabled (Plain Text / HTML)

Thanks Norm & Jeff

Thanks Norm & Jeff for the help and guidance (and the upgrade :-)