California Seismic retrofit - not done in Haiti

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 01/19/2010 - 23:23.

seismic retrofit support california freeway image jeff buster san andreas faultThe image shows a retrofit seismic support on I 215 in San Bernardino, California near the San Andreas Fault.  CalTrans has studied all of the California highway structures and retrofitted the system with earthquake safety features in many locations across the State.

If it turns out that Haiti has suffered 200,000 building collapse earthquake deaths in the recent  7.0 quake, how will the island rebuild - on their meager budget - to prevent another disaster?  
If you were in charge of all the re-building in Haiti, what would you do?  What type of urban planning and what type of construction techniques would you recommend?



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Building Design

I watch children build towers out of blocks every day and then joyfully knock them down.  We have not made much progress in building design. 

Higher is not necessarily better--for sheer effect I prefer a steeple :)  We can replace a steeple.

What about arches?...Look at the Colosseum...and the Roman Aquaduct.  I am no expert in bridge design, but these structures are still standing...