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In trying to keep up with what's happening in Cleveland regarding the development of green technologies, I've never been able to find anything that tracks it on a local basis. 
Chris Varley at TechFutures  is likely the most prolific local blogger covering cleantech and posts often about the promise of clean/green tech and a bit about the burgeoning and growing movement here in NEO. 

Yesterday, I came across a blog emanating from Cleveland that covers exclusively clean/green tech developments. Exciting!

Take a look here >>

Now if only blogs were searchable.....Perhaps Mr. Varley and Mr. Stuebi are interested in moving their blogs to Drupal??

Stuebi speaks at Case - Free with lunch but RSVP soon

for this year’s final
SURES Lunch & Learn Thursday
Thursday July 27th

Nord 211 (Case)

BP Fellow for Energy and Environmental Advancement, The Cleveland Foundation
Ø      Is a regional advanced energy plan on the horizon for NE Ohio?
Ø      What does a regional energy agenda include?
Ø      How is a regional advanced energy plan developed?.. What questions are asked and of whom?
Ø      What are the implications for consumers, entrepreneurs, and researchers?
Ø      What impact would increased commercial activity have for the region’s environment?
Ø      What would the impact be on NE Ohio’s economy?
Come hear Richard Stuebi speak about his new role as the BP Fellow for Energy and Environmental Advancement and work with various public and private sector stakeholders to promote commercial activity in advanced energy in the
Cleveland area
. (See Richard’s bio below.)
Lunch is provided so PLEASE RSVP to Bethany Pope bethany [dot] pope [at] case [dot] edu" target="_blank">bethany [dot] pope [at] case [dot] edu
Even if you are interested in attending the talk, but won’t be having lunch, we still ask that you RSVP
Richard Stuebi has nearly 20 years of experience as an executive, entrepreneur and consultant in the energy industry, with most of the past decade focused on advanced energy technologies and business opportunities.  Richard shares his perspectives on energy and environmental matters on a weekly basis through

Prior to joining the Foundation, Richard founded NextWave Energy, a professional firm focused on capitalizing upon new business opportunities stemming from innovative energy technologies.  As President of NextWave Energy, he assisted several emerging and established private-sector clients in various aspects of business development, including strategy and capital formation.  Previously, Richard was a senior vice president at Louis Dreyfus, the global commodity trading firm and was a management consultant in the energy practice of McKinsey & Co. Richard earned degrees in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and
Stanford University

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We need to make Richard Stuebi a Cleveland celebrity! Its great to know someone good has come to Cleveland to do good.  I think Stuebi and his role with the Cleveland Foundation need to be much higher profile. Until the average Clevelander hears more about advanced energy than MIttal Cleveland will not be as green a city as it could be.

P.S. I was grossed out to see Mittal's name as a sponsor on the Taste of Tremont flyer

Okay, John, you have a challenge for yourself

I hate blogs - yes, you can aggregate the content elsewhere and jump around from blog to blog, but the whole point of developing realneo in Drupal, moving Voices and Choices to Drupal, getting cities like East Cleveland in Drupal, getting the Cleveland Schools to use Drupal, getting Beach and Lefkowitz to move GCBL to Drupal, etc., etc., was to integrate the NEO user community into one superorganism and get homeostasis working for each member of the community and the regional economy, in many important ways... the NEO community has not worked together for this. It is essential the region embrace world-class collaborative technology with open standards now, for current effectiveness and long term optimization here, as a distinctive competency in this region... all these silo and "network" blogs and web-sites fueling transformation in NEO are not functionally collaborative or economically sustainable, and worse place NEO's individual's identities and content in the wrong people's hands, in the wrong technologies, and at constant risk of being myspaced! Everyone here would be better off just using Tribe or People Aggregator if they don't want to collaborate on doing something real here.

Why don't you see if you can make some progress getting people to work together on this collaboration here - we're working with the next generation of Drupal, which has organic groups, CRM, all sorts of amazing stuff - the world's best resources here and around the world are ready and willing and want to work on this here. If people don't want to invent solutions here, I suggest they all work with People Aggregator - the founder is one of our advisors and way cool so that is an option... Ball's in your court...

I'm working on doing all this world-class for the First Nations so if you can make NEO develop right then we'll be co-developing something huge, world-class and truly transformational at many levels, right here in NEO. I'll work elsewhere - you focus here - good luck on the NEO teambuilding side - just keep the spirit snipers and haters away.

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i like the NEOrganism metaphor

And so, i will work towards that end....or shall i say that beginning...

Does anyone have email contact info  for Mr. Stuebi?  Unfortunately, I will be in Akron tomorrow working  when Mr. Stuebi is speaking, so if someone here can get his contact info, I would be very appreciative.

Also, anyone know of a blog, local or otherwise, that is running in drupal?  I would be curious to explore it aesthetically, functionally, etc.

thanks for the challenge!

All Drupal sites have blog + so much more

Cool, John. Keep in mind, Blog is one module of Drupal so unless that is turned off all Drupal sites are blogs - each member has their own blog (and on REALNEO many of the individual blogs have the highest site traffic) - your REALNEO blog is at and mine is at, etc... so you can set up Drupal as just a blog... it's all in the configuration. In the Drupal world, besides REALNEO, of course, there is and, which primarily just use Drupal for Blog and some aggregation. Then there is, which was the template we used for V&C and is very important - and is very much where I see realneo going, in form... actually, even more like the NYTimes (not a Drupal site, of course).

Want to see some things Drupal and completely different:  - -

All these sites use the same Drupal technology in different ways, but can all share data and user profiles if configured that way. Picture NEO where all organizations, artists, entrepreneurs are so powerful, and collaborative! Here are lists of Drupal sites: and

Where the Drupal technology is going is much more exciting than any of the sites I've seen here - it's the next generation and demo'd at as this has Organic Groups, CRM and advanced rich media, among other cool things in place - you need to spend some time with Phillip Williams for a go through that... phillipw [at] inbox [dot] com

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Richard Stuebi at the Cleveland Foundation: 216-685-2011

John - there was an excellent column from Ronn Richard of the Cleveland Foundation about developing wind as a destinctive competency in NEO, which ends with Stuebi's phone number - you should see the column here. Invitation for Lunch and Learn with Stuebi here.

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