FYI - Norm re: Lead Outreach & Training

Submitted by johnmcgovern on Mon, 03/24/2008 - 15:49.

24)  Lead Outreach and Training
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requests proposals for the
National Community-Based Lead Outreach and Training Grant Program.
This grant will support the partnership of national organizations
with community-based organizations and local governments to improve
the environmental health of communities in relation to lead
poisoning prevention.  $2 million expected to be available, up to
8 awards anticipated.  Responses due 3/31/08.  For more info,
contact Darlene Watford at watford.darlene AT or go to: Refer to Sol# EPA-OPPT-08-003.  ( 3/31/08)

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Thanks for the catch - 250K for lead abatement !

Great score on finding a great grant opportunity, John.  That deadline, March 31, is certainly looming, but this sort of opportunity seems tailor-made for Kim Fuelling and CCOAL, who just recently formed an East Cleveland Coalition on Lead and probably have much of the proposal strategy delineated.   I perused the actual RFP for the grant, which looks to be quite a substantial award at 250K each - it didn't appear to be particularly difficult in terms of requirements.  Ease of grant submission is even facilitated through the electronic submission process - though registration can take several days so it would behoove the applicant to do so ASAP if they haven't already.  I'll touch base with Norm (Infrastructure and Sustainability Chair for GCLAC) on the latest with GCLAC and CCOAL, perhaps a few of us can engage on putting this together if by chance those organizations hadn't been aware of this (I'd hope they would!) or need some assistance.

Take a look at the RFP and offer comments - I can't think of a community that fits the bill better than East Cleveland.  I've got quite a slate of activities at present, but am certainly up for assisting and collaborating if others are!  I could certainly help with some of the systems facilitation and engagement work that will have to be necessary for optimal whole community participation - another intriguing possibility would be enabling the Open Source GIS mapping work we envisioned years ago (layering locations of lactating ladies with lead laden locations) - that would depend, of course, on whether data collection was at a threshold to warrant that now. 

How far has CCOAL and GCLAC gotten on key metrics - number of households tested for lead, and actual blood lead levels for East Clevelanders at greatest risk (pregnant mothers and children)?   Regardless of the answer this funding could be key to accelerating success along those key metrics and more.  How well has the data been integrated and collated thus far from Cleveland Dept of Public Health and Environmental Health Watch and the other GCLAC members - is it all stored in a centralized database at present?  Technology funding would certainly be enabled here.