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I think this is illegal and outrageous and corrupt that our Cuyahoga County web site is actually hosting and promoting a private for profit financial venture - go to the county web site and click on kennedymart and you'll be asked to ID yourself before you get any info.  I won't give my info.   This is why NEO is headed down...our  "Government"  is in the pockets of businesses while we are paying our government employees salaries.  We are losing our pants twice!

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Sinister logo

That logo is super sinister looking...How much did we pay for that? 

You paid $.00000000999999 for it.

The logo has been on the site since the county made a press release to sell the concept.  It links to a presentation and puts you on emailing list, less you opt out. 


Any one read the PD today.



Cleveland State-University of Akron merger subject of much talk


Dick Pogue Acting Managing Partner of Jones Day, proposed relocating NEOUCOM to a major city.

So did I dick, so did I, actually recanted it the day before the article was published.


It is an interesting idea, I thought about Akron U, but did not think about merging the two universities.  


Proposal, concepts, ideas can be submitted to Eric Fingerhut.


Should the State universities be on node cities of the Ohio Hub?  


Medical Mart is an aspect of a convention center,

Public Auditorium and the Music Hall.  


The Gateway Arena and the Convocation Center killed these facilities.


I believe that if Cleveland had a college of Architectural design, then redevelopment proposals could be senior class projects, and posted on web sites for review. 


The entire convention center is below grade and above grade is the Public Auditorium and Music Hall.    Public Hall has 11,500 seats and the Music Hall 2,800 seats.  The convention center exists below them and west is an underground garage Mall B.  I could be wrong, however, I believe the Wikipedia article is incorrect; I do not think that there is convention center under both the malls C and B only parking.   Mall A as they refer to it is the memorial plaza garage and connect to the Key Tower.  


Mall “B” lost its fountain and now has a green turf area, I believe the fountain began to leak and the city drained it was like that for at least a century.


My concern is this, the lack of knowledge of these facilities in respect to the public and the lack of concern in city government about utilizing them.  I find it difficult that the Music Hall cannot book venues and the Public Hall as well.   What is the excuse, I would think that the 2,800 seat Music Hall could book concerts.  Whos job would that be, anyone, anybody?


Why no dialogue on these structures, if the new convention center is located on the current site what becomes of these historic structures?  


I do not think the county is going to choose this location, I think that they will choose behind Tower City.   I believe that may be the best location and the current site could be developed for entertainment/hospitality and parking.  The Public Auditorium reconfigured into a Theater, It cannot compete with other larger facilities, and if the city could get the induction ceremonies for the Rock Hall, it may be able to also leverage a Hotel.  I wonder does anyone have any aversions to neon marques on the outside of the Public Hall.   Solar panels on the roof something to power them.  


I think if the induction ceremonies are conducted here, it could also be a much bigger event.  I wonder about a morning talk show broadcasted live.   How about an intelligent show like the ones NPR has?   Whos job is it to brainstorm on these things, is there a job in the city administration for this?   


I live in who knows whom city…for which nobody is really worth knowing.


Think BIGGER already. 

I would like to see the back of Tower City completed, I want Forest City enterprises involved they do high-class work!  I do not want the city involved look at the current facility they abandoned it and they even forgot what there excuses are for not attempting to develop it sooner.   


I think they have trouble the city government with getting from daydream to sealing the deal, of course I am not on the inside of these things.  I suppose they accomplish much just that we never really can see it.  I wonder if anyone in the city ever attempted to get Trump enterprises to develop in Cleveland.  You know he own the Miss America pageants, I know gross, but pretty girls in town does appeal to some people.  Things you can do in an big theater set up for broadcasting…maybe live podcasts?   


Public access TV that is broadcast on cable and Podcasts?     

Still creepy

It's still super creepy.  CSU-Akron-NEOUCOM  makes sense, but I would not credit the medical mart proposal for hastening that idea.