My Ideal Presidential Candidate

Submitted by Kevin Cronin on Sun, 08/05/2007 - 08:14.

Who's my candidate, the pollster asks?

I will pledge to support what ever candidate does more to make the world hate America less. At the outset, I want to say how truly appalled I am at myself for having such an abysmal standard for evaluating candidates. How can I tolerate, much less espouse, such a bleak, cynical prism to separate the candidates? Yet, I am more troubled by America and an America political system that is content to operate in denial.

I love America. I love Cleveland, Ohio. So how can I work for someone who wants to make the world love America more? OK candidates, who's it going to be?

* America scarfs more energy than the rest of the world and, despite the reminder of rising gas prices, America real doesn't seem to care and political leaders don't really seem to take action as if they care either.

* America throws its weight and support around in an inconsistent manner that confuses friends and gives people reason to doubt our commitments to democracy.

Support for democracy and freedom building? Only in the Europe and the Middle East? What about Africa or Central America? What about right here in America's central cities? Why are young people fighting and dying, participating in a civil war of hatred that has gone for thousands of years?

* America espouses commitments to equality, yet racism is still one of the most prominent American features and commitment to education, housing and the elimination of poverty is idle talk.

Who's going to talk about real international engagement and activity to address shared crises regarding water, air quality and health, nutrition and basic opportunities for everyone? Alright, candidates...who's it going to be?

Well put, Kevin

I try to live as globally as possible and am embarrassed to be know as "An American" these days - since Bush raided Iraq especially, but also for our overall sorry state of our society in general, now back through slavery to the genocide of our land's native people and perpetuation of hatred with evil racist brainwashing like associating entertainment (The Indians) with murder. My candidate will call for the changing of the name of our baseball team as one sign he or she will be real.

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