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Submitted by lmcshane on Tue, 04/17/2007 - 11:02.

Norm, your GIMP photos make me tune into RealNEO everyday (and, of course, the interactive flow of ideas and the heady vanity rush that comes with the self-publishing of those ideas). 

So, what makes a site a portal that draws in viewers?  SEE ">Passport Project

for an idea.



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Very impressive site at Passport Project

Thanks Laura - I enjoy capturing life in the region, or where ever I am, and preserving and sharing that. I tune into realneo every day for sharing ideas and knowledge with the likes of you!

Thanks for directing me to Passport Project. That is quite an impressive website for an impressive organization. I signed up for their mailing lists and plan to get more involved with the organization... power of the internet and a strong, collaborative community.

Disrupt IT

Passport Project

Passport Project is succeeding as an arts organization, because they also understand how to put their offerings out there.  Passport Project streams ideas and energy to their community.  What's my point?  Passport Project makes me rethink where I choose to live and makes me wish that I lived nearby to take advantage of their programs.  Their efforts have to be keeping residents in their neighborhood.  Can other arts organizations make that same claim?