Question of the day: What is your favorite cookbook?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 04/29/2008 - 23:19.

All species, all races, everywhere, we all must eat, frequently, so we humans may as well eat well. I prefer to eat at home, food I prepare,  of ingredients I know, in a kitchen I trust... there are few restaurants in the world that make me happier than homemade. But I certainly turn to experts for advice on food selection and preparation, and many of my favorite books - the ones I read over and over, and can't do without  - are cookbooks. I find all types interesting... international, ethnic, historical, regional... and consider many required reading. I'd be interesting for other foodie realneo members who share an interest in cooking to share their favorite cookbooks... some of mine are the header for today...


By name, favorites include Paul Prudhomme's Louisiana Kitchen, A Bowl of Red, China Moon, A Gentleman's Companion, and Greens... but I have many I love to read and cook from. Any interesting new suggestions you love?

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  Norm, I am putting together my list of favorite cookbooks on Worldcat.

  Meanwhile, I envy you and your proximity to Little Italy.  Where do they find their ingredients?  Where are you shopping now?  Will you be able to garden?  I assume that you use the Food Coop and actually the little farm market (J&M?) at East 118th/Superior kept me going for fresh fruit and vegetables in the summer when I lived in your neck of the woods.  I lived on East 116th St. and  I would wander Little Italy and be amazed by how much food residents managed to grow on trellises! 

 This year, I am going to ask for a plot at Benjamin Franklin Gardens, if still available.  Meanwhile, I buy most of my ingredients at the West Side Market and I will admit it--ALDI's (try it--seriously, you will get hooked). 

Gentile's on Broadview is my local bread source.  Pepperoni bread to die for...
I can not bake:(

REALNEO your favorites

You may still list some of your favorites here, can't you?

My favorite places for ingredients are right in my neighborhood - walkable and on good public transit - The Food Coop, 1/4 mile East on Euclid, and Coit Road Farmers Market, about a 1/4 mile the other way, in East Cleveland rule. Then, there's Zagara's, 1/4 mile up the hill on Lee, in Cleveland Heights, and Heinen's and Dave's, a bit further into the Heights. The West Side Market, on my Red Line, is core. Gallucci's (probably where Little Italy Shops... check out their website for a fun jingle) on my Silver Line is a treat. ALL LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED, FOCUSING ON LOCAL FOODS! What else does one need? I'll write more about area community gardens, and plans for our gardens (including green roof), in future postings...

Greening my Independent Republic of East Cleveland, one meal at a time!

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I'm not big on cookbooks,

I'm not big on cookbooks, but I'll tell you about my food sources that I'm most excited about:

The last couple years I've gotten the best of my produce (during the warm season) from the City Fresh Fresh Stop nearest me -- a weekly bag of assorted fruits and veggies that come from local farmers.

And, since maybe 6-months ago, I get storables like grains, legumes, nuts & nut butter, dried fruit, oils, and more, through a West Side food buying cooperative. For info, scroll to the bottom of this Ohio City NWDC issue to Local Food Buying Cooperative Announcement. (There's also a low-activity Yahoo Group: westsidefood : The West Side Coop.)

And there was Jenita's garden...

Didn't we first meet at the West Side Coop?

Damn, that reminds me we met at the West Side Food Coop... I knew you looked familiar. That is a great program, and we still have some of the provisions from last year, before we moved away from that neighborhood.

And yes to CityFresh... Susan Miller actually gave us a membership last year that we never activated so now is the time to learn more (feel free to expand on both these programs, Jeff)... I need to talk to Maurice Small about bringing that to East Cleveland... timely posting.

Maurice, you out there? Anyone seen him lately? Time to bring healthy food to EC... help, y'all!

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fresh stops

I don't believe we met there. I've only been part of the West Side Coop for six months or so.


I think the Fresh Stops are fantastic. Looks like the closest one to you is Metro at E. 116th and Buckeye. There's a meeting on May 7th to discuss getting a Fresh Stop in Cleveland Heights.