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WORK IN ONE OF THE TOP CHILDREN'S HOSPITALS IN THE COUNTRY. I received a mailer from Merrit Hawkins trying to entice the former owner of my home, a  nurse, to move to Texas.   Selected by Money magazine as one of the "Top School Districts" in the United States was used as one of four draws.  The other three draws: four season weather, arts and culture, clean rivers and lakes for fishing and water sports. 

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What city in Texas are they pitching

Is that a pitch for Austin?

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They aren't exagerating

I lived there for a while and love it - it is a very good draw. We can match some elements very well, but they are not the ones we try to leverage.

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Medical neighbors

In my own neighborhood, which is within walking distance to Metro hospital, there are plenty of houses that could be made available to hospital staff.  I would love to see the CDCs work on that idea.  Not every medical employee can live in Solon or Moreland Hills.  The Clinic and UH should be concerned and working to make Cleveland attractive to their employees.

Cleveland vs. Austin