Firehouse Food

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I love cookbooks. 

This is one of my favorites.  Not just for the food, but for the image it conveys of a
diverse society that can live and work together.

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I love cookbooks, and cooking

I love to cook so cookbooks are very interesting to me. Your Firehouse Food recommendation makes me think of a little cookbook that taught me a lot - "A Bowl Of Red" - which is the history and story of chili. Fascinating read and now I make the most authentic, amazing chili in the world. My favorite cookbook of all is probably the first Paul Prudhomme cookbook... but I love James Beard, and Silver Palate... and Greens... I could name dozens.

Anyone else have favorites to recommend?

Disrupt IT


My definition of diversity (big or little D/d optional):

We may not like each other all the time and we may not like the music, the clothes, the neighborhood, or even the food, and we may just want to be left alone, but can we all agree?:
We all need to eat and no one wants to eat the same thing day-in and day-out. 

Food tricks

  Today, I am making the appetizer often found at area restaurants--stuffed hot banana peppers on marinara sauce with citrus aoili.  

My trick--go to the West Side market--buy the peppers already stuffed ($3.00/each--C-8), bake the peppers on an iron skillet in the oven at 425 degrees (I just let them go until crispy), serve on warmed up marinara (get fancy with your own) with aoili (hellman's and lemon juice, duh).  Reasonably priced wines can be picked up at the West Side Market Cafe and Athens Pasteries (I can not make the spinach pies found at Athens--stock up).   Yum. 

A lot of restaurants have tricks.  So, why go to the restaurant?**

**To avoid washing the dishes and cleaning your own house, of course.