G-8 Summit

Submitted by lmcshane on Wed, 07/09/2008 - 07:48.
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Day of Rest for the Planet

 Imagine if we all observed one day a week, whether it be Friday, Saturday or Sunday to let the planet rest?  No TV, no cars, no lawnmowers, no shopping, no work--just a quiet day to spend with a good book or with family.  Could NEO distinguish itself as the first metro region to do it?

One day a week for god-Mother

If we may do that, we may do more, and dedicate one day a week to repairing Earth and serving Mother Nature... and that time could be served 3-4 hours per day every day, rather than 24 hours one day a week... and could be done walking rather than driving, planting food, and educating those who do not serve nature well.

So who are the preachers here for the god-Mother?

Disrupt IT

Change your world or...

 ...the world will change you.  God knows, Deloitte Touche (SEIU members have another name for this company) is the last place, I normally go looking for information, but they have a point.