EVIL politicians

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EVIL politicians
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Cuyahoga Avenger

Cuyahoga Avenger November 13, 2011 at 1:39PM

Exactly -- where are the non-denial denials from former county treasurer Rokakis in this story?

To whom did former county treasurer Rokakis grant tax "leniency" and why?

And where's the list of property owners who've owed county property taxes for the LONGEST periods of time? Who are the top 10 property owners who've been in arrears for YEARS? Who are they and why didn't Rokakis take appropriate actions?

I know there's no such concept as "accountability" in Cuyahoogie County. But Rokakis was in charge and owes an explanation to the dwindling number of productive and responsible citizens who've footed the bills and fiscally enabled misfeasance and malfeasance in county government.

Obviously it's not politically correct to call the saintly Rokakis into question. That goes against the Official Narrative and any scrutiny of Rokakis is trumped by yelling "Land Bank!!!" (whatever the heck that's supposed to be).

But the sordid details regarding these millions of dollars in delinquent property tax bills are a definite symptom of government corruption and would would tell some interesting new tales to which county residents are entitled.


(and no--this is not me--I have been CitizenX and BannedUser at the PD-both accounts have been frozen by PD)

Albert Porter - the GAME

Hello  lmcshane, 

I got an email from a reader - the reader wants to know where they can buy the REVENGE game - and whether the game is an old fashioned board game or a digital game.   Would you give us more info?   


Jeff b

Albert Porter GAME & REALITY

Dear Imcshane:

I am the reader who wants to know about The Revenge of Albert Porter Game.

For those who don't know about Albert Porter: In the 1950s and early 60s he was both the Cuyahoga County Engineer and the head of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party. (Does this sound familiar?) 

Cuyahoga County voters, in their wisdom, in 1953 approved the financing of a subway in downtown Cleveland.  This was about the same time Toronto started building their first subway line.  Along came Albert Porter, who killed this plan through his political power. 

As part of a county-wide freeway plan Porter tried to have the Clark and Lee Freeways built through the eastern Heights suburbs.  It would have removed hundreds, if not thousands of homes as well as a large portion of Shaker Lakes, as well as draw and quarter Cleveland Heights and Shaker Heights with massive noisy cement corridors.

While Porter had more than enough political power, he turned into a wonderful nemesis on this issue.  A little girl wrote him a letter about the proposed fate of Shaker Lakes and Porter reponded by calling the park, "a two-bit duck pond."  He also said that drivers on the new freeway would be able to appreciate the remaining park land next to the freeway while driving by at freeway speeds.

Oh, the modern world!

Lee Batdorff

RE: Porter and evil politicians

Jeff and Lee--as far as I know the game is a concept only--but I would love to see an online game that exposes and eliminates our greedy, useless NEO politicos and NGO reps. 

The images were pilched from boards at the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative offices.  I recently attended a presentation by Susannah Drake there. 

She spoke about NYC and the concern there about rising water levels and the extreme need to address an aging and ineffective water infrastructure.  I will post her presentation here, soon. 

Planned abandonment -Clark Freeway=Opportunity Corridor

Insanity that passes for politics in NEO - real estate developers who play all of us for futures...real player in this town is Forest City who controls Mayor Frank Jackson - and uses former treasurer-councilman Rokakis as front for the fake "Thieving Communities" and former deputy treasurer-councilman Frangos for the fake Land Bank. Reimagining will include energy hubs - see Quasar - but by then, only neighborhood that will have endured their scrub treatment will be Slavic Village...folks who are used to bad smells....



Someday - just like Albert Porter - Rokakis, the man who sold out his own childhood neighborhood, will be remembered for his crimes:


Forest City and Quasar hope to break ground on two more digesters in the Great Lakes region. Jon Ratner, Forest City's vice president of sustainability initiatives, said the companies are considering a pipeline of five projects. He would not identify likely sites but said Forest City is looking at Cleveland locations, including an expansion of the Collinwood facility.