LeBron has good reasons for not wanting to play with the Cavs, and a right to privacy about that

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 07/10/2010 - 12:10.

It is my understanding, confirmed by many people on the inside of the real Cleveland community, that LeBron has good reasons for not wanting to play with the Cavs in the future, and there are good reasons the teamwork was off during the playoffs, and LeBron has a right to privacy about that. However, it is equally clear to me that the reasons for LeBron's departure are known throughout the Cavaliers organization, Northeast Ohio, the basketball world and by the media as well, and there seems to be a blanket agreement that LeBron's personal business is LeBron's business. I am certain Dan Gilbert and everyone at the PD know all this very well. Which makes me wonder why Gilbert and the Cavs are not respecting this apparent global social contract, which largely benefits the Cavs, as my impression is that Dan Gilbert is to blame.

Gilbert has the responsibility to set the moral fiber and focus of the Cavs team and enterprise and while he has been obsessed with gaining personal wealth, glory, gratification and GAMBLING at any risk, he failed to make his team and enterprises better than himself - better than the empire he built and operates. Dan Gilbert has made the Cavs immoral.

LeBron has refused to be corrupted, has suffered great pain, and should be praised by Gilbert and his teammates and fans for his great performance here in living hell, living a life for the public that tore his private life to shreds, and still rising above all that.

Instead, the cursed Gilbert attempts to further corrupt LeBron's life, and trash his career.

Of course America created Dan Gilbert - we were ALL raised on "Wall Street" - some of us took away false messages - and America must now judge the Gekkos - the Gilberts - versus our real hometown heros, like LeBron James.

Before passing judgment on Gilbert and the Cavs vs. LeBron James, I suggest you google quickenloans sucks... or just go here: http://www.ripoffreport.com/Search/Company/Quicken-Loans.aspx... and think about the OWNERSHIP LeBron has really been under all these years - would you wish that on your worst enemies?

Also search for Gilbert on realNEO - some people are real NEO enough to see through the bullshit dumped on our community by the leadership and media here and some are smart enough to escape before they are destroyed - LeBron did not betray Cleveland he escaped a Cleveland and Cavaliers leadership that betrayed him... and I don't mean his fans and friends betrayed him... I mean his OWNER and team betrayed him.

Enough said, right Gilbert. What an embarrassment!


Did Gilbert harm Cleveland on purpose?

It is obvious that Miami Heat President Pat Riley orchestrated the LeBron James Miami deal over a period of years (even if the PD is still covering up their knowledge of the facts - "Inside 'The Decision': Miami's coup was a 'surprise' built on long-coveted goal of James, Wade and Bosh") and I am certain the sports media and all owners and players have had a pretty good understanding of that for years (since Riley announced his plans years ago) - as an outsider who does not read the PD but does scan all media it was clear going into the ESPN special that LeBron was executing Riley's plan. So why did the PD fool readers - Clevelanders - into expecting otherwise - why did Gilbert make such an ass of Cleveland in the process? That was all orchestrated by Gilbert.

It was not LeBron who ever acted poorly... it was Gilbert and HIS Pack of Gambling Goons... the media included. The leadership and media here have completely sold out to this Detroit entrepreneur as a new Jesus who I see as a devil here to destroy Cleveland to help Detroit. He can cut an run for a profit anytime - the taxpayers have $100s of millions invested in this Wall Street relic - what fools to betray LeBron for Gilbert... working for the company store, no matter the company.

LeBron, you rock.

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Did Cleveland Leaders Hurt Cleveland on Purpose?

In fact, now that I think about it, the Cleveland Orchestra has a partnership in Miami and now Miami has Cleveland's star athlete - the people who control Cleveland didn't lose anything in this trade because they are heavily invested in Florida, spend their Winters there (if not all year there) and make their money there - they are just shifting "their" best and favorite assets from here to where they are most profitable and available for the rich at large - we the poor are just getting fucked as usual - the Players are just SLAVES in all this as usual, as Riley and the owners rigged everything.

Miami was built with Cleveland money and it never left Miami - that is the reason for the tax structure that encourages movement of assets and wealth from here to there (and other retirement states). Old Fuck Cleveland money people win more now than before. They orchestrated this, just like with the orchestra.

I wonder if Riley has powerful friends in Cleveland?

Watch ringside and in the loges in Miami.

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OMG - These People OWN LeBRON - Arison family

Not knowing sports I don't know the owners of teams - just that they are a bunch of made monopoly billionaires - most made money in scummy businesses like banks, credit cards, loans, tickets, cable, cruises... stuff that ruined America and the world.

I wikipedia's who owned LeBron now and LeBron is now owned by the old economy environmentally moronic Carnival Cuise family... - richest family in and from Israel ever - I guarantee Gilbert was not fucked over by the Arison family - this is too insider to even call business... this deal was brokered in a temple and MADE FOR CABLEVISION - LeBron and Cleveland are being fucked by the producers of big-time wrestling - professional sports are hereby a scam.

Waste your money on the CARNIVAL if you choose... don't bother playing the odds as they are rigged:

Arison family

The Arison family is an Israeli-American business family.

Moshe and Sarah Arison immigrated to Turkish-ruled Palestine from Romania in 1882, and were among the founders of the town of Zikhron Ya'aqov. Their eldest son, Meir, is the father of Ted Arison.

The most notable members are:

  • Ted Arison (1924-1999), Israeli businessman, was born in Tel Aviv in 1924, during the British Mandate. He served in the Israel Defense Forces and participated in Israeli War of Independence. After his army service he moved to the United States and became a business man. He founded Carnival Cruise Lines which earned him a fortune as it grew to be one of the biggest in the world. Over time he became one of the richest Jews in the world. As he got on in years, he returned to Israel. He contributed large sums of money to the state of Israel to build hospitals and to establish charity organizations. In 1997 he acquired from the state of Israel (as part of a government privatization plan) most of the controlling shares in Bank Hapoalim, the biggest bank in Israel.

A history of Arison's involvement in the cruise industry and the Carnival Cruise company is found in Kristoffer Garin's book Devils on the Deep Blue Sea (Plume; 1 edition (Jun 27 2006)).

  • Micky Arison, born in 1949, is Ted and Mina Arison's son. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Carnival Corporation PLC. He has developed Carnival into a global cruise company and one of the largest vacation companies in the world. The portfolio of leading cruise brands includes Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises and Seabourn Cruise Line in North America; P&O Cruises, Cunard Line and Ocean Village in the United Kingdom; AIDA in Germany; Costa Cruises in southern Europe; Iberocruceros in Spain; and P&O Cruises in Australia. He is the owner of the Miami Heat. He has two adult children.
  • Shari Arison, born in 1957 in New York, is Ted and Mina Arison's daughter. She immigrated to Israel with her father and after his death inherited part (35%) of his fortune. Her primary inheritance was her father's investments in Israel, among them, the shares of Bank Hapoalim. She left Israel for a brief period following her father's death, and moved to Miami. She accused news reporter Shelly Yachimovich of slandering her. Yachimocich said Shari was motivated by greed in her move out of Israel. In 2004 she and her latest husband Ofer Glazer returned to Israel. She is Israel's richest citizen.

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Cleveland=Miami=Old $$$

You do have a point there Norm--on the foundation and Cleveland old money connection. 

I've got news for those old people--there ain't no fountain of youth in Florida--you are just going there to die in the sun.

Tom and Judy for the jollies of the sickest and most powerful

But they want all their toys to take to the end - it is called globalization and includes centralizing the best stuff where the richest most powerful want to be, when they want to be there - the rich and powerful now get to share LeBron first hand - sort of like getting themselves the best orchestra - this is all Tom and Judy for the jollies of the sickest and most powerful .01%.

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From The Nation: Gilbert is the man known as "Subprime Dan"

Finally the media is telling some truths... From the Nation: "Lebron James vs. Dan Gilbert: Who Really Killed Cleveland?" - conclusion below...

Dan Gilbert needs to spare us the moral outrage. Forget about the fact that this is an utterly graceless, classless move given how much coin James has put in Gilbert's pocket.

Gilbert is the man known as "Subprime Dan," the who made his millions as CEO of Quicken Loans, offering 0%, no money down mortgages to potential home buyers over the Internet.

This kind of legalized loan sharking of course wrecked the US economy. But it didn't wreck Gilbert. As foreclosures reached record highs in Cleveland, Quicken Loans reported that 2009-2010 has been their most profitable period in the company's history. Now as people throughout the state of Ohio have lost their homes and livelihoods at the altar of Quicken Loans, Gilbert has announced that he will be opening four casinos throughout the state. He also funded the state referendums that secured his right to legalize gambling in the state. Anyone who has been to a casino in Detroit can predict what their Ohio variant will look like: working class families—black, brown, and white—dragging their kids to the bingo parlor and the penny slots hoping against hope they can raise enough to keep the bank from taking their home—perhaps even thanks to a subprime mortgage courtesy of Quicken Loans. The point here is a basic one. If anyone has stabbed the people of Ohio in the back, it's not Lebron James: it's Dan Gilbert. And if we didn't understand why Lebron would want to leave his home town in Cleveland yesterday, we certainly get it now. Talk about a bad sport.

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Showing ourselves as a small-minded City

I just wish everyone would thank LeBron James for his time here and wish him well--for reminding the American people that we are here. 

I am not going to Dan Gilbert bash, either.  Both of these guys have contributed, for better or worse, to give an image to NEO. We need to move beyond blame and beyond a fixation on sports.  We need to roll up our sleeves and fix our problems so that the rest of the world sees this region as a great place to live. 

Stop the blame.  Fix AMERICA.

Just letting America and the world know the MEDIA IS WRONG

Just letting America and the world know the MEDIA IS WRONG - the whole LeBron James betraying Cleveland story is a lie - the media has created this to sell advertising.

Real Cleveland loves LeBron and hates Gilbert.

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how do we fix it

if we don't state the problem?

Time to end Gilbert's free ride

Time to end Gilbert's free ride - I don' know what our leaders have been thinking giving him everything but the citizens are going to be very sorry.

I think the leaders have made out like bandits over the past decade and are set to rape far deeper before the FBI or other fed forces can have an impact - the only hopes for real Clevelanders are outside enforcement and alternative media exposure, like on realNEO.

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predatory loans and casinos

are certainly sufficient tools for economic rape.

He is also heavily invested in mind control

He is also heavily invested in mind control - I guarantee he has a budget for internet initiatives to control people's perceptions of Quicken Loans, him personally, his other enterprises, GAMBLING and LeBron - big budgets with lots of trolls, hacks and shitheads working for him on it here - I've had plenty attack me for not towing the Gibert casino ED line... 'cause I think it all sucks ass.

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In fact, his whole future is based on mind control

In fact, his whole future is based on mind control - he has to make people stupid enough to throw their money away at his casino and on a sport that increasingly seems rigged at every level in every way.

That takes great mind control, or it all falls down.

Too bad they couldn't control the minds of real NEO - no advertising and no trolls suckers!

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kudos mcshane

 good luck Lebron.  many are saying that, but as usual the media:  corporate, social or otherwise are focusing on the drama.  

for those interested in real change, real improvement this is the age ole - move along folks, nothing here to see.  truly the story is over.

>>I am not going to Dan Gilbert bash, either.  Both of these guys have contributed, for better or worse, to give an image to NEO. We need to move beyond blame and beyond a fixation on sports.  We need to roll up our sleeves and fix our problems so that the rest of the world sees this region as a great place to live. <<

yep - lets just get back to doing what we can to improve our own little gardens.  at least over here, that's the approach. one cannot change anything beyond oneself.  may be a little 12 stepish, but seems useful to remember at times.


Here is the problem with letting the PD slide

Here is the problem with letting the PD slide - Their big story today is "Get the inside story of how LeBron, Wade and Bosh plotted to team up in 2010" which is all a pack of lies and all scripted by the owners of the PD and both the Cavs and Heat, who are part of small monopoly clubs outside public accountability that control the minds of the people.

In fact, the coverage of the LeBron deal by the PD suggests LeBron committed crimes in his move to Miami - they are laying groundwork for prosecution on top of persecution - they make me sick.

The old economy PD still writes for a small white highly racist suburban paper audience and the hate they write for that audience is how the diverse and wonderful Cleveland is presented on-line. Yet if I go to the national Internet or local social networks I see the PD is full of shit... and they make Clevelanders look like shit.

They aren't making me look like their shit.

I add to the voices saying the PD is full of shit - Gilbert is full of shit - we love LeBron.

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