Reviving some of East Cleveland History, The Star Baking Company and Hough Bakeries

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The Star Baking Company was located at 1519 Lakeview Road at the turn of the century. They occupied a large industrial building near the railroad tracks and when they closed the now much more famous Hough Bakeries took over their building. A star -- obviously their symbol -- still remains on their tall slender brick chimney and other elements of the building. I am going to guess that they baked bread, among other things, but I will be researching that. Following in the East Cleveland bakery tradition, I am starting a new baking company in East Cleveland, Evelyn's Star Baking Company, in the kitchen of my historic 1906 home for now. Where The Star Baking Company and Hough Bakeries made baked good in large quantities, I will be making small batches of cookies, muffins, cakes and pies, mainly by special order for now, made with the best organic and local ingredients. Evelyn's Star Baking Company will be a perfect partner for other Star Neighborhood development projects, i.e. market, cafe, schools and urban farms. To benefit the start up of these great new projects, most immediately art and gardens at the market and cafe I am selling Hough Bakeries boxes on eBay , with the Hough sugar cookie recipe. For local buyers picking up in Cleveland, I will throw in a dozen Hough Sugar Cookies for an extra $4. As I do my research, I will post more about the history of The Star Baking Company.

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Raising dough

Okay--couldn't resist.  I am trying to remember the name of the flour company in Ohio, popular with southerners for making it...White Lily.

Blackbird Baking

Here's the Eastern European seal of approval from the Bácsi ---

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