Should I ?

just change your last name to

McShame and you will win hands down.


Cleveland Shame

We are about to rebound with a redesigned public square, $65 million refinance of the Browns Stadium, and new houses on the lake. And the school system has been transformed. To say we are in the money......

You should run

God knows what your job will be if elected, but better you than anyone else I see on the list.

Disrupt IT


It's a go...I will collect my 50 signatures and do it, if only to frustrate the other "names" on the ballot.  Touche.

You are a very serious candidate

Nice to know we have one realNEO citizen running for office.

I'd hate to debate you...

Let me know how I may help your campaign! Glad to shoot some campaign videos for YouTube!

Disrupt IT

Run lmschane

Yes, get the signature form.  

Let's put Realneo'ers into public office and make a difference for the County.

I  encourage you to seek a County Council seat.

Best, jeff

I agree

and offer assistance

yes, McShane

It's time for you to run for office. Hell, if Russo can run... Got any skeletons in your closet?  Post your resume and curriculum vita and platform here, there and everywhere. There is more than one way to skin a cat. 

Admins here should be able to track page visits on Google Analytics to see how realneo figures in your viral campaign strategy. You know you can post your campaign launch and sustainability platform (not just comment) at, too. 

Read Crush It (just for a brush up on all potential options - not like to need a refresher, but he's got some pretty interesting tips) and get busy, get viral. Go ahead. Show NEO how social media is done. Glad to hear that you're ready to launch. 

need a signature mcshane?

 can help with one or two of those over here!!!!!