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Meet with a couple visting from Dayton to research her family--specifically, the Fish Family, one of the original settlers in Cuyahoga County.  It helps that the Brooklyn Centre neighborhood retains some of the architecture and landmarks that can help her trace her family and provide a touchstone. 

How many of us, will be able to have that comfort ten, twenty, thirty years from now??


I have much respect for Roldo and I believe he is right on FitzGerald, but he also has a huge blind spot on Rokakis, Frangos and the shadowy Greater Cleveland Partnership crew that run the parking racket, and now, gambling racket, and the straw buyer HUD/CMHA flipping and demo for developers and fake "Transformation Plan" racket. 

There are a lot of rackets in this town and they are not getting the scrutiny deserved by the federal authorities.  I also can't believe the timing of Bill Mason's crackdown on Internet Cafes --all to serve the already not-so lucrative downtown casino...

And, is Roldo is confused? : On Mason BFF Pat O'Malley mentioned further in this Cleveland Leader Post for his WKYC role...to my knowledge Pat O'Malley was County Recorder.  I don't recall a stint as County Auditor...but I could be wrong.  Wish it was not so hard to go back and reconstruct the past in this town.  It helps to have a little institutional memory and, sadly, we can't count on the media for that...

(WKYC should also mention that their other "expert" Mansfield Frazier has a con history --and his wife, too--

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Brooklyn Centre 1812-2012

Brooklyn Centre 1812 predates Ohio City as the first settlement west of the Cuyahoga River. 

Let's hope that there is some acknowledgement in the media of this bi-centennial.

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Features Riverside Cemetery--the west side equivalent of Lakeview Cemetery.  For Europeans, cemeteries are fascinating and attractive tourist destinations.  Just something to consider--not every town in the U.S.A. can boast comparable cemeteries...another CLE+