We need your Vote to help East Cleveland win a $25,000 playground grant!

Submitted by Annie Stahlheber on Mon, 12/17/2007 - 16:14.

KaBOOM!, a national nonprofit organization that envisions a great place to play within walking distance of every child in America, honored the City of East Cleveland as a Playful City USA. This is a national recognition program honoring cities and towns across the nation who are committed to taking action for play! With this honor, the City became eligible for a $25,000 grant for a new playspace. This playground, including a community garden, and walking/biking path, will be located next to Mayfair Elementary School.

As part of the grant process, the City created a short video to demonstrate why
we are a Playful City. The students and teachers of the East Cleveland City School District were instrumental in this vital process.

Voting for the East Cleveland video counts for 30% of the grant application. Anyone can vote, and people can vote as many times as they would like (one vote per email address). Please help the children of East Cleveland by voting for their video. Pass this message along to anyone who may be able to help out.

To vote, register with your email address at the website below.  You will receive a confirmation email, where you will be able to link back to the Playful City site.  Then you can select the East Cleveland video and vote on it. Thanks to everyone who helps out!


No child left behind.. or inside!


I am really glad you posted this call to action Annie -  (I had received the email version earlier).  The video is charming and this is certainly a very important initiative.  I think it is paramount that people understand that creative play is an essential element to experiential education.  The sustainability piece is nicely integrated as well to ensure a natural and green space, learning garden, and more - substantially ameliorating antiquated concrete playground designs which were both aesthetically unappealing and unsafe for both environmental and individual health.

Bringing such a next-generation playspace to East Cleveland would do wonders for the edification of young people on a multitude of levels - spiritual, physical, and emotional.  This appealing nourishment of an integrated mind-body-spirit whole could bring immediate positive impact to school systems struggling to meet baseline standards of performance. Throw in healthy organic nutrition and some universally accessible health care for these kids and there's no telling what might happen...


SO watch this video and vote for it pronto!

EC in 5th place - get out the vote!!!

Hello NEO media, bloggers, leaders and lovers... here is something fun and free you can do to help improve your region and the lives of lots of people in the community - share Annie's request above and vote and get people to vote for East Cleveland - put this request on your plogs, write about it in your newspaper, promote it on your TV stations, email your friends - East Cleveland is in 5th place out of 21 cities in this contest - 1000 votes out of first - let our region show the world we care about our neighborhoods and use technology well.

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East Cleveland one of most Playfull cities in nation

Through astounding efforts by many talented people in East Cleveland and Cuyahoga County - citizens and in government - East Cleveland has made great strides in the past year to become a greener, healthier and more playful city, competing nationally to be recognized as one of America's finest places to live. Part of this effort included producing this video on East Cleveland's playful city efforts and promoting that on the Internet, and East Cleveland was the third most successful city in this competition, which is a grand accomplishment. Props to Annie, Angela Bennett and all the others making this KaBOOM! happen.

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