Green Wash job

Submitted by lmcshane on Thu, 06/26/2008 - 07:07.

Leave it to Cleveland politicos--if there is a way to sell sewage, they will do it, and call it GREEN.

Take a close look at the Denison Proposal in Ward 15.  Could the PD make an attempt--just try--to look up the history of Neighborhood Revitalization Partners and subsidized senior housing projects in Toledo and in Akron.  Ten years ago.  Same old tricks.

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PD's coverage

These projects were just written up in the Plain Dealer's new Crib Notes real estate news and commentary section: Green, affordable projects get financing.

Why don't you leave some of your thoughts (in comments) there? I'd be interested to see what discussion ensues...

Lies, more lies

  The Denison/NRP project is listed as a rehab.

It's a demo/construction project.  Jeff, I comment all the time.  It's just a waste of breath. 

This is what the PD says:  This year's program comes with a green tint -- more than 64 percent of the funds allocated went to projects with sustainable construction standards. Many of the projects also focus on saving resources through redeveloping or updating existing homes, rather than building new ones.

Do they even bother to check the reality?  As Tim points out--the only thing GREEN about these projects is the cash given to the developers.