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Like everything Cleveland...better late, than never, I suppose.  This appeared in my bulkmail:

This is the first edition of Cleveland...It's Our Time, a newsletter directly from the desk of Mayor Frank G. Jackson.  A powerful bi-monthly newsletter, Cleveland…It’s Our Time is a first hand account of what matters most to you and the Mayor of Cleveland.  In every issue it will also feature a member of the Mayor’s Executive staff, giving you a chance to get to know members of the Mayor’s brain trust who move to push this city in a direction of promise and progress. Click here and step into the Mayor’s Office….Be one of the first to read Cleveland…It’s Our Time.


To subscribe to the newsletter or to have your name removed from our Community Members List; please send an email to Communications [at] city [dot] cleveland [dot] oh [dot] us" href="http://us.f824.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=Communications [at] city [dot] cleveland [dot] oh [dot] us">Communications [at] city [dot] cleveland [dot] oh [dot] us

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Shared prosperity

 Listen to Chris Warren as he describes the four keys to regional success.  I have to say that the citywide plan is flawed, but I do respect Mayor Jackson's commitment to shared prosperity:

Estabrook's Blue Dolphins

  For the first time, in over seven years, I walked into Estabrook Recreation Center to find a girl's swim team cavorting and squealing in the locker room.  Healthy, happy girls glowing from competing in a sport and truly resembling dolphins.

This is a Jackson administration achievement worth touting after the dark days of rec hour and staff cuts under the Campbell administration.  How did they pull it off?  I guess I don't care to know the details.  I am just glad to see kids getting some exercise and participating in a sport. 

Gunning took home the trophy this year with Estabrook in second place.  The banner at Estabrook shows the last championship trophy won in 2000.  The coach is determined and happy.  Next year will be Estabrook's turn to win.

swim team excitement

teen age sports is the best thing going.  I was a swim team kid, and so were my daughters. This is where our money should be spent.  Squeeling, shouting, out of breath kids going craxy@! 

As for professional sports...not interested...and don't use my tax money!!!!!


  I should say that athletics for kids were a big part of the White administration and they have been revived under Jackson.  Jackson has a lot of the White administration working for him--Michael Cox, Ken Sillman, Matt Carroll, Chris Warren.  I have met these people and, believe it or not, even played softball with some of them. 

I did not vote for Jackson.  I voted for Campbell.   Campbell had some good people, too, but in the long run, by my estimation, she was too nice and people will slack if given the chance to slack.  I didn't understand Jackson, then, and I still don't, but now I see a little more of the man I did see working out at the downtown Cleveland YMCA--a person who understands that a healthy mind, needs a healthy body.

I didn't realize how much I appreciated a clean, cool pool and curbside recycling until these services were taken away from me.  Also, the schools are not the horrible places depicted in our media. Yes--families are dysfunctional, but they are dysfunctional everywhere.  The Second District police are also more responsive and there are good people representing the police in our neighborhoods.  Some of these officers and fire personnel would serve us well by moving back to the neighborhood (who are we fooling-- they live elsewhere and maintain two residences).

We can make our communities liveable by not running away and by helping each other*.
Face diversity.
The current administration is not perfect (steets/sidewalks/board-ups/demolitions?!), but as long as it continues to upgrade city services and works to improve young bodies and minds, I am staying right here and I am happy.

(*hard to find the locations, but Michael Zone Rec Center  216-664-3373 is one of them--December 15th)


 Tell him you are interested, give your civic cv, you've lived in Cleveland for xyz years, work in Cleve, have vigorous civic interest and would like to be interviewed, etc, etc.  Send a copy to your councilperson.   Make an appointment to see Sweeney. 

Will do

Will do Jeff--Clevelanders, please do the same.

I can't stop thinking about Sweeney and Fannie Lewis...

Sorry, but his name comes up and I think about all that is wrong with this region - the glaring corruption and incompetence throughout Sweeney's Cleveland City Council, the corruption investigations into Sweeney, and Sweeney's claim of deathbed instructions from Fannie Lewis to Sweeney to give her ward to an enemy.

I think a better approach is to not have Sweeney involved in any way with this Charter Review Commission. 

Disrupt IT

Our time...

I like what you have to say Mayor Jackson*--now, say it on the PD's video clip editorial and say it out loud on every local media station--I agree, but you have to stop hiding behind the curtain :)

*Although, I seriously doubt that you wrote it...and while I appreciate better city service from your administration than I got under Jane Campbell...I also wish it could it could rise to the level of service I received under Mike White's administration...there are so many hidden agendas going on within the city and county right now that it is impossible to know who you really are behind the handlers.

I also appreciate, from what I have heard from the inside, that you have personally asked Cleveland employees to be fiscally responsible and to consider their own behavior and to conserve resources so that the City of Cleveland is not forced to lay-off employees. I also appreciate that your staff is working to strengthen economic ties to the European Union.


Cleveland the OPERA

  I wish I could attend today's production at the Little Theatre in the Cleveland Convention Center. 

Read the description...bad angels...it promises to be high drama befitting the City of Cleveland.



Mayor Jackson is awesome.