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Submitted by lmcshane on Mon, 09/24/2007 - 09:55.

Like millions of Americans, Oprah has been diagnosed with thyroid disease.  We know that there is an environmental stressor causing this autoimmune failure.  Maybe, now there will be more of an attempt to pinpoint the cause and spare our children from this silent epidemic.  It mostly affects women (due to body fat?) So ask yourself, what do we add to our water?  It's not just an urban problem--it's a suburban problem, too.  It's not just a Lake Erie problem, it's a Lake Michigan problem, too.  So, maybe the soccer moms will want to do something about it?  Especially, if Oprah leads the charge.

Also consider the spectrum of subclinical thyroid symptoms misdiagnosed as depression, bi-polar/mood disorder, fibromylagia, elevated cholesterol, gastrointestinal problems, premature menopause....

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nutrition, it is related to

nutrition, it is related to iodine, that is the reason salt is iodized.  


 Iodine is vital for good thyroid function

it does not suprise me that Oprah has health problems, with her weight fluctuations.  


Wow Laura! Did you see the video on mercury in dental amalgam in the comments?

Not so hard to figure out

  Use my family as a case study--everyone born in Cleveland has some thyroid disfunction, except my mother who grew up in Europe and arrived here in her teens.  It's not so hard to figure out. 

Goiters were a big problem

Goiters were a big problem before iodine became an additive to table salt, which is old term for an enlarged thyroid.   If a genetic predisposition exists with an environmental hazard, you get a very high probability to acquire the condition.  Many conditions are results of some exposure we had as children, during a developmental stage.  If your mother was not exposed, she did not get the condition or your father may have carried the predisposition.  


Modern medicine encourages the proliferation of predispositions.  We are also guinea pigs, additives and preservatives. Natural foods and clean natural environments, we are exposed to all kinds of hazards and you are correct quick easy fast, all to make a buck.  


Try not to stress yourself, it does not help.


The body always attempts to fix itself, it does It remarkably well, and stress is an obstacle. There are all kinds of stressors; most people have no comprehension of body functions.  They are so lacking knowledge of nutrients and vital element and minerals.   Pill poopers chemical drinkers, every body is going though wars attempting to process all the crap we are exposed to.


Were you surprised Susan to find out dentists filled peoples teeth with mercury?     



Don't write me off

Oengus--and you may be the only one in this conversation, since the forum is in lock-down mode--but, don't write my comment off as girly whining.

As a he-man guy, you too should be concerned, because thyroid failure and other autoimmune organ failure occurs in guys, too.  My father, who is deceased, suffered from diabetes (induced by deep sea dives from his stint in the Navy) and Grave's disease (from the toxic build-up of too much Cleveland water?).  He suffered multiple heart attacks before a NURSE--yes a VA nurse diagnosed his Grave's disease, which was an underlying factor affecting his heart.  You see, the doctors did not look for a girly disease in a man.

The medical industry loves women.  We drag the kids to the doctors and we drag ourselves there, too often, because we are too self-aware of ourselves.   Men are not good patients.  Men don't make a lot of money for the medical industry.  So, why kill the cow?  Right?!

Thyroid disease (and breast cancer) will mysteriously be cured once these diseases stop being money makers for the medical industry.  When lung disease became too costly for the AMA, the crusade to stop smoking became a priority.   Go figure Oengus.

I am not going to take

I am not going to take responsibility for your perception, Graves Disease is related to thyroid conditions. 


Any doctor any gender would see a genetic predisposition in your family, for a thyroid disorder. 


Predispositions run a 50% or better occurrence in the next generation.  


I asked you to not stress….and you stress?  


If I had a predisposition for thyroid, I would make sure that I was consuming the correct amount of iodine in my diet that is all I said.   If you feel that some content in the water can escalate the condition then do not drink tap water.


If a hormone production mechanism is not in balance, it can cause other sequential imbalances everything is interrelated.   What hormone does the thyroid produce?   What do those hormones regulate, what organs are related to those elemental structures.


Do you think Oprah has thyroid problem because of erratic diets and stress?   If we new her lineage then we could see all of these things clearly.  All of our individual medical records should link us to our family’s medical records.  Modern medicine, they do not ask you what you eat, that is so bad.   They ask us to recall or family medical history, that is such a hit or miss. 


Would it really piss you off if you found out that a prescription drug medication used to treat a thyroid contained Iodine?   I would think if this element is vital it should, and any other elements that encourage its assimilation. 


Boys go to Mars for candy bars girls go to Jupiter to get stupider, save the woman and children first.  I will cut of my penis if you sew up your vagina, then we can be equals!


Always a sense of humor, always.


Any personal information volunteered will inevitably be used as a subject of conversation.  A rule of thumb is not to volunteer the information if you do not want it discussed. 


My grandmother had a thyroid condition and lived to 95.  I did not inherent that, nobody in family did, but we did get her mean and crazy gene.   Notice?      




What are you talking about?

I am sorry Oengus--but I don't think you know what you are talking about here.  Stick to urban renewal--and by the way, where do you live? 


Ok you two, take it easy on one another, and please don’t lash out at the site administration unless you are willing to pay for hiring some independent admin time.  Everyone is a volunteer here on Realneo, and Norm is footing all the bills and hasn’t had time to do site maintenance or review and authenticate new users to separate them from spammers.  I am working on that problem…. and hope to have it resolved soon.   Please be patient if you have attempted to get a membership in realneo and have not had a response.   
Hyper/Hypo are only two of the issues with NEO thyroids. 


There are also thyroid cancers. 


But do we have info which will show a "cluster" of thyroid cancers in NEO?  Clusters which are geographically connected to water distribution system, or to an industry?  I haven't Googled yet.  I have read research which suggests that thyroid cancers have an association with low hertz magnetic frequencies.  Lets say you live near power lines or transformers which “leak” their 60 hertz energy into your bedroom.  How can such an environment be healthy? 


But there is a huge resistance to acknowledging and doing anything about this – because such magnetic fields are so prevalent. 


Just like cigarettes and lung cancer – the lobbyists worked to keep us feeling secure, aided by our own desire to live in self-denial.  Cell phone use will eventually be shown to be detrimental – how can broadcasting a signal directly on the surface of your skull be safe?  The cell phone actually gets hot.  Microwave your mind!


On another note, I have not heard of scuba causing diabetes.   Any studies extent on that?


I don't want to bore everyone, but you asked about the diving...It was a form of maneveurs training and I don't know a lot about it, since the military is famous for keeping secrets and I have my dad's foggy recollection.  My father described having a gas (oxygen?) pumped into his lungs and then being released from a depth and propelled to the surface, presumably an exercise developed as a means to escape from a submarine (He was stationed on a nuclear submarine during the Korean war-here is a picture of him pontificating to a ship mate--poor guy).  I do know that he and six other men, also subjected to the same maneuvers developed the severe childhood form of diabetes,which requires insulin shots.  Diabetes is a threshold disease.  My father, who was in excellent physical condition before the service, would not have developed diabetes if his body was not subjected to extreme stress. Military personnel make great guinea pigs.  My dad had to fight to get disabled veteran status.  I watched him and other vets get subpar treatment at the VA hospital. Were there some good staff there?  Sure (the aforementioned nurse)--but overall, our country stinks in how we treat the men and women who serve this country. 

But, I did not raise this issue for pity or to start a gender issues battle--only to get some attention to a preventable disorder.  None of us should have to live our lives in fear of what we drink and what we eat.  Common sense for the next generation. 

Clean water, healthy food.

Addendum-3/08 Here's the kicker, my cat was also just diagnosed with Grave's Disease.  He was fat.  Now, he is a skinny Maine Coon...Well, at least he has a couple more years of living on a synthetic drug, just like me!

(Addendum--5/08 Common sense--Tim just posted this article about Kim Chee--nutrients and medicine.)

I like gender neutral,

I like gender neutral,


Mercury is a problem, if you see clustering it could be that. 


The cures and treatments for over or under active relate to iodine. 


Radioactive Iodine Treatment of Hyperthyroidism


Under Active...Natural Remedies


Educating instead of medicating

We made full circle on this one, this last link recommend cleaning up your dental work, getting the mercury out of your mouth.  

Make sure you check this one it is the most important!

Thyroid disease

Environmental Health Perspectives reports the obvious connection between pollutants and thyroid disease.