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City of Cleveland Notification of Public Hearing A Public Hearing will be held to receive citizen comments on potential uses of the funding expected to be received in 2009 from the U.S, Department of Housing and Urban Development through the Community Development Block Grant and other related development funding programs.


The Public Hearing will provide an opportunity for all persons to ask questions and/or provide comments on how these funds may be utilized to address critical development needs in the City of Cleveland.


DATE AND LOCATION OF PUBLIC HEARING Thursday, February 12, 2009 CLEVELAND Convention Center ROOM 210 500 LAKESIDE AVENUE 10:00 a.m. For more information please call 216/664-2869 or visit What’s New section of the City’s Web site at

You can also complete and submit a CBDG Citizen Participation Comments/Suggestions Survey located on the Department of Community Development’s Web page at and click on to the Did you know tab. Frank G. Jackson, Mayor Daryl P. Rush, Director City of Cleveland Department of Community Development p.d.jan.29,2009 2182995-01


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Note - that is the last day of 15 day citizen input period!

HUD encourages the communities receiving HUD NSP money to have an open citizen engagement process, and requires that there be a citizen input period... I believe in this case it is for 15 days after the day proposals for the NSP money are posted to the community's website.

I note here this message ends "p.d.jan.29,2009 2182995-01", which I suppose means it was published as an advertisement in the Plain Dealer (like that is any form of "public notice"), which I suppose is the way the city is meeting the requirement of having 15 days for citizen input, without telling citizens about the 15 day window, or letting people know the clock started over a week ago - and that the day they plan to have a citizen meeting on this is the last day for input.

I tried to go to the URL provided in the notice above - - to complete a CBDG Citizen Participation Comments/Suggestions Survey - but it is the wrong address - the correct address is - which has no mention AT ALL of HUD NSP grants butdoes have the following blurb:

  • A Public Hearing will be held to receive citizen comments on potential uses of the funding expected to be received in 2009 from the U.S, Department of Housing and Urban Development through the Community Development Block Grant and other related development funding programs. Participated Citizens can complete the Comment/Suggestions survey send via email. more.

The linked survey is actually a .doc file, to be completed manually and returned in some inefficient manner,I suppose. It is not specific to the HUD NSP under consideration and is so confusing as to be harmful to the public... pissing them off.

Try making any goosd use of it... especially if you are a Spanish speaking resident.

The HUD NSP Funds Application requires each applicant to certify that:

(7)   Citizen Participation. The jurisdiction is in full compliance and following a detailed citizen participation plan that satisfies the requirements of Sections 24 CFR 91.105 or 91.115, as modified by NSP requirements.

If a plan has been followed, it does not seem well designed to meet the intent of HUD or needs of their stakeholders. From their Block Grant Citizen Participation guidelnes:

Citizen Participation

A grantee must develop and follow a detailed plan which provides for, and encourages, citizen participation and which emphasizes participation by persons of low- or moderate-income, particularly residents of predominantly low- and moderate-income neighborhoods, slum or blighted areas, and areas in which the grantee proposes to use CDBG funds. The plan must:

  • provide citizens with reasonable and timely access to local meetings, information, and records related to the grantee's proposed and actual use of funds;
  • provide for public hearings to obtain citizen views and to respond to proposals and questions at all stages of the community development program, including at least the development of needs, the review of proposed activities, and review of program performance;
  • provide for timely written answers to written complaints and grievances;
  • and identify how the needs of non-English speaking residents will be met in the case of public hearings where a significant number of non-English speaking residents can be reasonably expected to participate.

Laura, how did you hear about this and did anyone reading this know the public meeting, or about a 15 day citizen input window, or that the city probably started it January 29, 2009, although that is not clear, which would mean the day the city is actually opening up any real citizen engagement on how Cleveland leaders plan to spend our $25,000,000 HUD NSP money will be on the last day input may be provided?

How do you feel about this?

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dbra posted this first

I added it as an event....just another item to add to the growing list, that I tag under THEFT-IN-OFFICE. 

All the same, I will send in my comments by email.  This is what passes for citizen representation in America. 

community development or make work?

Glad to see that realNEO fellows are on top of this boondoggle.

I visited the link and could use some help with two other items under "Did you know?"

  • Tax abatement is the temporary elimination of real estate property tax, which is generally offered as a stimulus for new development or as an incentive for redevelopment.  more...
  • Enlarging a garage or building a new one will increase the assessed value of  residential property and make the home eligible for tax abatement.  more...

Both "more..." links go to a page describing tax abatement. They seem to say, "make improvements to your property and we'll abate your taxes, no we won't, yes we will."

Homeowners apply for tax abatement after the building permit has been issued by contacting the Division of Neighborhood Development's Tax Abatement Office at 216.664.3442.

"The Housing Officer then verifies facts contained in the application and permit and then certifies for tax abatement.  A copy of the certification is forwarded to the County Auditor's Office, showing that the property taxes are to be abated. The owner must pay taxes on the increased value of the land itself.  In the case of rehabilitation projects, the owner will remain responsible for the initial tax assessment of the property. Any increase in taxes as a result of rehabilitation or new construction will be abated."

I am amazed that adding a shower stall can significantly raise the property value, but OK. What does not raise the value of your property - there's a long list - is telling, too. "Fix your house, no don't fix it..." Everybody in Cleveland is eligible for tax abatement. I am just so curious as to how many people know about this and have rushed out to purchase shower stalls. I pity the poor office worker at City of Cleveland who has to do these calculations. Is this another instance of "make work" community developement? Now seriously, does the county auditor check for new shower stalls when re-evaluating tax assessments in the City of Cleveland? Is that just the stall or does it mean the plumbing, too? "Drywall a bedroom and your tax goes up, but we will abate that increase for you." Are we really prepared to handle this level of detail?

oh my heart is feeling lighter...

oh my heart is feeling lighter... I'm not the only one thoroughly confused by City of Cleveland "process". I found this while looking for something else. Note the date is NEver mentioned on the initial screen, it sorta blends in with everything else.

Want a little mORe aggravation??? Try to apply for one of their programs. Go ahead - just call one of the numbers as though you are in need of the services (and keep in mind what the experience might be for you if you have a high school education - or not - and you dont know how to be a pushy bitch). 

As for the public "notification", why was it not mentioned in the original peedee story???? hmmmmmmmmmm..............


btw - I think laura posted this as an event before it caught my eye - laura where did you hear of it? 

We're applying for $millions of this

I'm not waiting to see what the Power that be decide to demolish and give to Wolstein next... see our preamble for real co-op and add your thoughts... you are a member...

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Comment now see attachments

During 2008 HUD awarded the City $23,601,124 million in CDBG funds.  Based on need, the following represents last year’s CDBG annual allocation by major categories:


·         Approximately $ 10.6 million (or 45 percent) is allocated to the Housing category that includes housing rehabilitation, new construction, and code inspection services.


·         Approximately $ 3.9 million (or 16.7 percent) is allocated to Social Service programs that include services to seniors, youth, and families.


·         Approximately $ 2.1 million (or 8.9 percent) is allocated for Commercial and Economic Development activities that include storefront renovation and CDC supported activities.


·         Approximately $500,000 (or 2.1 percent) is allocated to Demolition and Board-up activities.


·         Approximately $ 2.0 million (or 8.2 percent) is allocated to Property Maintenance activities that include Lot Clean-up and Community Gardening programs. 


·         The remaining $ 4.5 million (or 19.1 percent) is allocated for neighborhood planning activities, administrative cost for the Department of Community Development, and CDC support costs.


The City of Cleveland is currently in the process of finalizing the 2009-2010 budget.


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