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Submitted by lmcshane on Wed, 05/14/2008 - 10:01.

Can we lead a citizen charge to clean our house by making Kathleen Barber County Executive?

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Kathleen who?

I haven't heard or seen much of Kathleen Barber, lately. As long as we're reaching into the past, how about Disraeli? I believe there's a Malamud or Bellow book that has the protagonist seeking, and receiving, his counsel.


What's this leading the charge stuff? Are we at war?

Kathleen L. Barber

"Kathleen L. Barber, formerly professor of political science and head of the political science department at John Carroll University, is now retired. She is the author of several articles published in such journals as Journal of Public Law, Loyola Law journal, Ohio State Law journal, and National Civic Review."

She would have a solid background from which to advise. If she can be called upon to address "Why was Silda standing there?", we might call on her for something more substantive. I believe she can be found in the phonebook, Laura. She may not read realneo to know that you had proposed this a while back. Or try to get a message to her via the League of Women Voters.

Oh yeah

  Yeah Tim--let's call it a petit the end of the PD article, Kathleen Barber makes the argument for a county executive.  She (and the rest of us) may be "old," but her sense of history is needed and needed soon. 


My neighbors have nothing to hide and they are beyond the reach of the politicos in this city, because they don't have to answer to any one.  I would love to be in their position, but since I am not, I am sure grateful that they can say the things that I can not say out loud.

County reform

So, if we buy Hagan's proposed reorganization, where does it leave us?  Stuck with the commissioners,  treasurer, auditor and recorder up for re-election in the fall? 

Actually, the democrats and republicans have teamed up to gum up the reform process for us.  It's called forgive and forget... and go on to the next idea to die in committee, while we all mentally adjourn for the summer.  The circus show is over, folks...go home. 

seen on the back of a punk-deco leather jacket

"Welcome to Cleveland. Now go home."

Bread and Circuses

I called the PD's Kevin O'Brien yesterday and we talked.  Seems we can agree on some things.

(Good quote, Tim--should we get t-shirts made up for Brooklyn Centre?)

of course

yes--black shirts with big yellow letters across the back--sort of like the jacket I saw--stunning--eminently saleable