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We attended a Memorial Day ceremony at the forgotten founders Denison cemetery along Garden Court.   Rick Nicholson read Logan's order and Rev Wilde and Rev Andrews officiated over benedictions.  Addy Cummins played Amazing Grace on the recorder. A beautiful day to remember.  I ran across this obituary and it made me smile.  Click on Mickey for the full story and read the tributes from the ladies in this great toymaker's life.

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Steal, swear, cheat and lie

What a wonderful view into NEO lost but not forgotten. The tribute you reference, to Ed and Esther Prentke, is fascinating and inspiring... they lived some good old days. When asked about living past 100, it says Ed suggests: "Steal, swear, cheat and lie. Steal away from bad company, swear by your friends, cheat the devil, and lie with the one you love best." They clearly stole the hearts of many - the celebration of this couple lives on in the hearts of those they touched, and is so well shared with the world using simple but effective information technology, which Ed enjoyed to the end (a Skype user in his 100s!).

Now, where is Ellen Alley where the Denison Cemetery is located - I can't find it on Mapquest or Googlemaps?

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Garden Court

The cemetery is located on Garden Court, behind ALDIs.  More later.

Have you ever seen East Cleveland Cemetery?

I'll check that out - I'm over that way pretty often. Feel free to suggest other highlights in your neighborhood.

Speaking of dying, have you ever seen East Cleveland cemetery? A group is restoring it and that got a big write up in the PD. It looks interesting - I'm not that in to cemeteries but if you then it would be worth a visit - right by Lakeview Cemetery, which even I visit often!

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Highlights of my neighborhood

A young mother, her mother, and her two daughters came to the library yesterday and gushed about the accessibility of everything in the neighborhood (Brighton Brooklyn Centre).   Looking for fun things to do (after they checked out beaucoup books) I suggested a family ride on the towpath and the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad.  Wow.  She had no idea.  She works nearby and loves Steelyard Commons and the Metroparks Zoo.  Everything is within a bike ride distance! 

Cemetary Gates to Garden Glory

Not a big fan of tombs and crypts myself - but i'd take a gander, for sure.

This might be an acceptable segue to discussion of some breaking news on the community gardening front - I've recently confirmed that I'll be a lead coordinator on community garden development for my sanctuary, Trinity Cathedral...


This is a newly acquired plot of land and I hope to share urban garden best practices cultivated between plots - this and the one recently assigned to me to coordinate in East Cleveland by Councilwoman Barbara Thomas.  The East Cleveland plot hatched just recently as a recent result of patient proposal via the EPA's Weed and Seed environmental justice program driven so successfully by Ms. Thomas and one Mark McClean (socially conscious environmental activist).  This represents a nice synergistic opportunity I must say - I would love to hear from others on their interest in helping to serve and participate in this important community service community garden conjunction.  New Urbanist gardening indeed! 

Norm, if you would be so kind as to post the snaps snapped on your nifty Nikon D70 of the Trinity scene - we'll be meeting there weekly Saturday mornings at 9 AM (the East 30th Plot) hereafter - contact me for more details and info.  Guerilla Gardeners Group!  No reason not to integrate these learnings into our own living and learning community radiating from the Star as well !  This represents an excellent feed input or output for our aquaponic vision...


Where's the swimming pool?

Norm, I don't expect you to divulge your secret swimming spot.  Needless to say, you have made me jealous.  Very Jealous!

Shoreby Club - old Mather estate in Bratenahl

Shoreby Club Pool Pan

Shoreby Club Pool Pan - download larger image here

While it is largely a gated community and boating club, the Shoreby Club does have non-boating outside members, who go there to eat, swim, and enjoy the setting and mansion. While my parents were never into clubs, they were asked by one of the founders of the club - a very old family friend - if my parents would consider joining... the club was still trying to raise money for the renovation and development project. So my parents have been dining andf swimming members since, and enjoy it very much. It is a very open club and the facilities are also available for private parties, weddings, etc. Very diverse membership of a cross-secion of Clevelanders, all with a love for spending casual time by Lake Erie. I love the place - the fodd is very good, the staff is excellent, and the pool is the best I know of in Ohio, perched overlooking Lake Eire, and the Mather Mansion.

Mather Mansion and Shoreby Club

From their website:

The main social quarters of Shoreby Club is the 23-room Mansion built in 1890 by Samuel Mather, who commissioned noted architect Charles Schweinfurth to design a country home "by the shore". He appropriately named it "Shoreby". This elegant house has been restored to its original grandeur and now provides the Club with formal dining rooms, comfortable lounges, private meeting rooms, and welcoming guest suites. Shoreby Club offers many elegant settings for personal and business dining. Several of the Mansion's rooms serve Members as welcoming dining areas for lunch and dinner. The enclosed patio and formal terrace overlooking the shoreline and garden afford spectacular lake views. The intimate library is ideal for small groups

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Memorial Day 2009

  Remember to take a moment this weekend to REMEMBER and give thanks to those who have gone before us.