Urban renewal

Submitted by lmcshane on Mon, 12/10/2007 - 09:36.

Here is an encouraging sign. 

Nature's REAL real estate developers are setting up house at the mouth of the Cuyahoga.  When they move into the neighborhood, Great Blue Heron and other species follow.

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Norm you have company!

  You and this little guy share a common goal!  How many people caught the reference to the "chunk" of East Cleveland that includes Roxbury in yesterday's PD article? 

With big teeth and a flat tail for whacking, like the beavers, we can rebuild our world!

University Circle's Housing Investment

Strange chunk of East Cleveland

Star Neighborhoods

I was very nterested to see the financial plans proposed to encourage greater home-ownership investment around University Circle, but find it very strange the chunk of East Cleveland that is included literally ends at my doorstep. I can't see why Rozbury is a dividing line, except it is the beginning of what will be declared a historic district - Roxbury to Superior. It would make much more sence to go all the way to Superior, to encourage as much uinvestment as possible in this historic district - that would then include the entire Star Neighborhood, with is more ligical.

Star Neighborhood

Disrupt IT

Shaw-St Clair

  Thanks Norm--why not widen the circle just one more block to include the East Cleveland Public Library.

Actually, it doesn't matter, just the fact that there will be investment in East Cleveland, any investment--means that speculators will buy up houses within the radius, which has to be a good thing, unless they are purchased at fire sale prices to be demolished, as we are seeing in my neighborhood.  Is this true--recycled slate roofs can be worth as much as $70,000??

The recent multiple unit house fire with no working smoke detectors on West 34th in Brooklyn Centre has a slate roof.  Interesting.