Worth remembering

Submitted by lmcshane on Fri, 04/27/2007 - 16:38.

Today is a dreary day and it helps to remember brighter days do come around.  I know I feel discouraged by gun violence, decay and the creeping ugliness around me.  I cling to some hope when I remember others have persevered.  One person at a timeRestore Cleveland's Hope.

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Very powerful reminder that change happens underground

Thanks for pointing out these sites and efforts and the importance of Black History Month and the Underground Railroad history of this region. Props to WVIZ for taking a lead in sharing such knowledge - I will explore all this further and follow the good leads demonstrated.

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Thanks Norm

It is sometimes hard to live in the city and for so many it is easier to run away and forget it.  I had a bad day (pit bulls on the loose--real ones and figurative ones), but I remember the humility of Joan Southgate and I slip into a religious fervor that makes me feel that good will prevail. 

Easier to escape

No doubt it is so easy to live in an escape-world. But I love living together with other humans right next door, as crazy as that may make the dogs and other people. All dogs go to heaven.

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Yesterday was rainy, but beautiful.  The skies poured colorful warblers into my patch of green in the city.  Tulips swayed in the warm breeze and bees made lazy forays around the cherry tree blossoms. 

Life in the city can be a beautiful, beautiful thing.