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   Sunday, October 4, 2009
  Neil Gaiman  

Meet British-born Author Neil Gaiman 2009 Newbery Award winner for his novel, The Graveyard Book on Sunday, October 4th at the Lakeshore Facility of Cleveland Public Library. 

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17109 Lake Shore Boulevard
Cleveland , OH 44110
United States

The Graveyard Book

  The stomach flu and three gloomy, rainy days on the couch allowed me to read and properly appreciate Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book. 

I hope that kids far and wide are being introduced to the book, which takes me back to when I first read Roald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach.  It's delightfully macabre and should appeal to ghastly girls and beastly boys, alike! 

Don't miss this opportunity to hear the author speak--this will be made into a movie.

Deaf Interpreter for Neil Gaiman appearance

  Due to demand from Gaiman fans everywhere, Cleveland Public Library will have a deaf interpretation of the author presentation and interpreter facilitation at the event. 

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Neil Gaiman's visit to Cleveland

Cleveland Public Library knew Neil Gaiman would be big, but Cleveland fans--and fans from nearby states, and from as far away as North Carolina and California--made the turnout 1000+ BIG.

It helps to know that Neil Gaiman's appeal transcends generations and that he is also avidly followed on line:

Check out the upcoming Writers and Readers schedule, see their author sites and heed this update.  Plan ahead:

Greetings from the Cleveland Public Library!

Thanks for your interest in our upcoming Writers & Readers author series. We kicked off the series with Neil Gaiman on October 4 at the Lake Shore Facility.

All remaining author visits will be at the Louis Stokes Wing Auditorium at the downtown library at East Sixth and Superior. Look for Ann Patchett on October 18, Loung Ung on November 15, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on February 28, James Howard Kunstler on March 14, and Kay Ryan on April 18.

Visit for more information.

Tickets or reservations are not required or accepted for these free events. The doors open at 1:00 and the programs begin at 2:00. Books will be for sale before and after the program, courtesy of A Cultural Exchange. There will be a book signing following the programs. We will have an overflow room available if necessary, and we suggest arriving early.


Thanks lmcshane for this

Thanks lmcshane for this information.

I have a question about the Graveyard Book.  Is it appropriate for a fifth grader?  My granddaughter is in the fifth grade and she loves to read.  I would like to get this book for her since you recommended it so highly, but I was wondering if the content would be okay for this age group?  She is at high school reading level but sometimes it is the content that is a problem...not her reading ability.  Just wondering what your thoughts are on this before I go and get her this book. 

Thumbs up on Graveyard Book

  Fifth grade is the age level for this book--Visible Voice had the title in stock or will get the copy on the fly, last I checked.  You can also order on line at their site.

Give our local bookstores the business :)

Thank you lmcshane. 

Thank you lmcshane.