Art of our Times: Derek Hess Interventions

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 12/24/2007 - 13:06.

Derek Hess showcased his latest work in a one-night exhibit at Kelly Randall Gallery, in Tremont, December 14, featuring new prints and original illustrations and collages that continue growth and demonstrate innovation in this fine artist's work. His work makes powerful statements in form and message, and Derek's message is stronger and more on-target than ever, in these troubling times.

Derek Hess Portrait

Derek makes political activism pop and sells social awareness to important masses. His rock posters, music packaging and other design work have influenced millions of diverse fans world-wide, reaching markets that are revolutionary and creative and so core to the future of the world. The pen, ink and color illustration "Intervention" is a great representation of the show, concerned with the environment, politics and divinity. In the striking collage of "God Loves You" Derek's classic angel is in conflict with the unloved.

As Northeast Ohio has descended into an era of open hatefulness, citizens are faced by public images to not give to the homeless... that is the public art of the establishment of our times. Derek counters with anti-establishment images that prove there is still intelligent life and art in NEO. It is time to take these images to the street, where Derek's career began. We need to match each "It's Okay Not To Give" attitude with 10 "Interventions". I wonder if Derek would be up for some public art activism around town? It is time to change the message sent to the public here.

Derek Hess opening at Kelly Randall Gallery


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