Similar Mental illness in the pharmacy line and in the White House?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 07/28/2017 - 09:55.


I was running errands earlier this week and I went to a hospital pharmacy to pick up a script for a house bound friend.  There was a long line, I got a phone call, so I sat down on a nearby bench from which I took the photo above.   

In the space of about 45 minutes 5 different people who were in the line demonstrated psychotic, disruptive, mentally disturbed behavior.  

First a 30ish unshaven red headed fellow with torn knees on his jeans began to rant loudly about potential germ contamination, dead fish, and Jesus Christ.  

Second, a 50sh black man with a cane and a stylish hat cut the line and went right up to the counter and began demanding his script from the pharmacist.   No one said anything to the man.   It's kind of scary to engage this type of very loud and clearly irrational persona.

Then a 65 year old white male in a blue shirt and shorts began loudly talking to himself about his veteran affairs. 

The fellow with the cane came over to the bench where I was sitting and began to hustle two tattooe'd young women.   He was asking for a cigarette or two dollars and a date.

As it turned out two other white fellows in the line were connected with the two young women.   The white fellows were about 35 and both wore their baseball caps backwards.    One of the two had a beard comb with which he was constantly combing his beard.   I guess it was a beard comb...very small and short comb.  

These two didn't like the fellow who was disrespecting them and hustling their women.  The three got right face to face ready to lunge into a fight.  

I was in line again by this time and began to attempt to distract the three from a pharmacy fight.   This type of intervention is dangerous.   Especially in gun totting urban areas like Cleveland.   Guns, knives, or the cane.   Dangerous.  Especially when you know the individual is mentally ill. 

So we have 5 people over 45 minutes who are gone.  Way gone.   Drugs, alcohol, mental illness...potentially a combination...society crashing.

The red haired gentleman was the most unravelled.  He began to fall down on the floor  acting out a bicycle crash accident that he had had while he was bikiing with his dog.  Maybe this was all hallucination...I don't know if this was a true story or not.  I asked him - while he was on the floor - if he wore a helment and had lights on his bike.    

He started loudly talking about "Ghost Bikes"...

I was wondering if he could be distracted from his intense acting out...on the theater stage he would have been electrifying.   In the pharmacy line I was very worried for him...the level of torment in his head must have been unbelievable.   

He THREW himself back down on the floor reinacting his bike crash...


Ok,   then I went home and began to listen to an audio of Anthony Scaramucci in his "cock sucking Bannon" middle of the night rant.   The cadence of Mr. Scaramucci's  conversation with the reporter was uncannilly the same cadence that I had heard at the pharmacy.    

I listened to POTUS address the Boy Scouts of America...same cadence as at the pharmacy.

Am I crazy?

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can you hear a dog whistle?

 I read a piece the other day that said Mr. Trump communicated via dog whistle.    I didn't understand at first.    

Then I got it.   

You know what a dog whistle is, right?

It's a whistle you can't hear but dogs can hear it.    Fox hunters on horseback use em.

Trump dog whistles too.

And who can hear him?