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January 6, 2011

To the Citizens of Cleveland

Members of Cleveland City Council,

Mayor Frank Jackson.

This letter is to let everyone know that I have not dropped off the edge of the earth as some wondered. I have been busy fulfilling other commitments. But I am back ready to find ways to break through the silence, from politicians who feel citizens have no right to question their work schedule or work ethic because it's no concern the publics. The next open letter will follow soon and further explain…

Why Ward 14 Councilman Brian Cummings received the Rotten Tomato Award for the year 2010.

Council members, who remained silent to the four questions citizens asked using this WebSite as a vehicle in getting the word out, did not expect to be overlooked in return. But the silence does not stop the probe; it just slows down the answers, if not from Council members then from the public in various ways. I will direct my responses to four questions Cummins did not answer, but he is only one among the majority of leaders who may feel they are above reproach in answering concerns from citizens. Please note, my responses should not be considered echoes from the public but my own opinions. And as always, I welcome his comments to be shared with readers of this WebSite. My word is not the last, just the beginning.

I received memos asking why I do not expend my writings to county and state governments. I have not done so because writing about local government infractions is just as depressing as the struggles advocates experience in putting democracy back at the top of priority lists in government circles. Finding ways to eliminate some of the struggles too many citizens experience, is where the focus, my focus needs to stay.

However, I will stray a little in my next open letter and focus attention on the new Cuyahoga County government. And no, I am not optimistic about the "new" charter of procedures and rules that will not have much guidance among the elected politico veterans in changing behavior practices that have been "the talk of the town" among citizens for years. They (not all) will continue to find loopholes until caught up in careless moves that will bring them down. I am hoping to be wrong on this point. I have no problems with the charter content, just the actions of politicians who act on the cliché, "Rules are made to be broken". And they already had been a few weeks ago, before the new government became official this month.

It seems the spirit of Christmas past, had touched the hearts of the power elite at the Plain Dealer. They presented a series of articles that focused attention on man’s humanity to mankind, but I felt they did not go far enough. The articles centered attention on citizens they felt deserved the title, " Community Hereos 2010". What a change, from reading about, who did what to who, bank robbers, murders, and so on which gives the Cleveland community a bad focus. So it was with great pleasure to read about the "Heroes" that may be living just around the corner.

However absent from the list are the "Heroes" of social justice among citizens working to bring it about in every Cleveland ward. Politicians (not all) often view these people as antagonists, trouble makers to be ignored and hopefully become so discouraged from the back turning, they retreat into self and curse the system forevermore. Every once in a while, I read about one of these "Heroes" in the PD…in articles after their deaths and wonder why…why didn’t the PD focus on their community passions while they where alive. What an insult to these citizens who was motivated to step forth and try to do what politicians should should have been doing years ago. WHY?

The PD " Community Heroes 2010" articles encouraged me to fill in the gap. And center attention on citizens who are not discouraged by political indifferences. And is holding on to their passions concerning civic issues that need attention and assistance from others in the community in bringing change about for the betterment to all citizens.

It is hard to pinpoint one out of so many citizens working on civic issues, but like the Rotten Tomato Award given to Cummins, other politicians deserve the same. I do not wish to slight any citizen working on issues in the struggle to raise the banner of democracy higher in City Hall.

My choice for " Community Hero 2010" involved in civic affairs is Guy Templeton Black, a Tremont resident involved in working on community changes that enhances living conditions for all citizens in Tremont. I am requesting the PD to write an article about Black’s involvement in the community struggle to become a beacon (Tremont) for democracy.

The PD has received copies of all my articles and open letters. Hay guy’s, it’s not about me, it’s all about Guy Templeton Black, a citizen that may be on Councilman Joe Cimperman’s list of what…antagonists prodding him into producing fruitful works for Tremont residents. 

Leonard Hough

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On Tuesday, January 11. 2011, an Ad-hoc Committee meeting, headed up by Ward 3 Councilman Joe Cimperman, was scheduled at Cleveland City Hall.  The first couple of these Ad-hoc meetings took place in the summer of 2009 and met again in December 2009.  

I attended and participated in the 2009 group discussions relating to the new zoning/entertainment ordinance changes, however, I was so not invited to the  pow wow when the discussions resumed in 2011.

It is my understanding that this was an "invite" only confabulation.  He even left out the other council people and stated that "anyone not on the invite list would be escorted out the door.   I did hear from a passer by that a police officer was keeping watch. 

I sent him an e-mail asking if this was possible a "public" meeting quoting ORC 121.22 and 149.43 and got no response.  

At one of the last meetings, there were residents in attendance, commander Sulzer, Det. John Graves, TWDC representatives, B & H Director Ron O'Leary and his wife Jennifer, as well as a number of others - just makes one wonder??????

Now, there is a new question:  Why the secrecy and why a closed meeting when input from the people who are effected including the other members of city council, would be crucial to the data collecting process?




So, Jerleen

A meeting was held at Cleveland City Hall by a Councilman, invite only, and attended by people paid by taxes (Except Ron O'Leary's wife, I am not sure of her role), and your hear that people not invited would be escorted out the door?  Including fellow council members? Is this what you are saying?

Cleveland is sure to lose a couple more council seats when the census information is released. Keep that in mind.

Yes, there was an ad-hoc

Yes, there was an ad-hoc meeting for the discussion of zoning/entertainment.  I did attend and participate in the prior ad-hoc committee meetings.  From my understand, this was an "invite" only meeting, held at city hall.

In the morning, prior to the meeting, I sent out an e-mail inquiry as to whether or not this would be a public meeting and even though I received no response, I did get a call that Cimperman was belly aching about the "invite" only rules and that anyone who showed up that was not invited would be escorted out.

Another individual passing by the city council offices relayed to me that a police officer was indeed keeping watch... AND, being that he did not invite other council people, to me, the escorted out statement would apply to "anyone not invited."

What probably aggravated him the most is that I also included the Civil Rights Commission in the thread.


 My favorite quote by Eleanor Roosevelt

"Where after all, do universal human rights begin?  In small places, close to home—so close and so small that they cannot be seen on any map of the world.  Yet they are the world of the individual person: the neighborhood he lives in; the school or college he attends; the factory, farm or office where he works.  Such are the places where every man, woman and child seeks equal justice, equal opportunity, and equal dignity, without discrimination.  Unless these rights have meaning there, they have little meaning anywhere.”  Eleanor Roosevelt

Joe Cimperman

Mr. Cimperman, please discontinue the cutting off of people with whom you have conflicts. You are all adults. This behavior is not conducive to helping the citizens get the job done. Not to mention that soon the only person that you will be speaking to will be yourself.

You need to include Jerleen if meetings, e-mails, and other communications about what is going on where she lives. When I have spoken with Jerleen, she has always spoken of you with respect. Try to extend the same courtesy to her.

Happy New Year,

and yes

I know that you read this blog site. Maybe at midnight in the dark, but you read it.

Not to worry dw.  I had no

Not to worry dw.  I had no attention of attending the meeting.  I just ask if it was a public meeting and the question was put to a number of city officials - non of which replied - however, I will continue to provide information to the public as it comes my way.  

What most of these politicians and political officials seem to have forgotten is they work for us. 




Leonard Hough it takes one to know one - yogi is the true hero


yogi and guy - http://www.disclosureproject.com TRUTH - EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL http://www.nationalwardogsmonument.org


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For some really interesting reading, check out Leonard Hough's website.

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Thank you...once again.  "WE THE PEOPLE"" get "OUR" information, from you and the "PEOPLE" ...  AND NOT "OUR LEADERSHIP" that ...."WE THE PEOPLE" expect, from ALL the "LEADERSHIP" in "OUR COUNTY" and "OUR CITIES" to "GIVE" US..."THE PEOPLE!"  This corrupt leadership makes me ill.  Makes me "WANT TO SCREAM" the Pledge of Allegiance....from the top of the Terminal Tower!  Do any of "THEM" remember the Pledge of Allegiance???  I have never seen SO MANY "ripped up flying American Flags flying in "my town" ...in my whole life of 55 years....The one that really makes me sick is the one in  front of Denison Horizon School on Denison Avenue...and the one right next door on private property at 1718 Denison Ave. They both look like RAGS BLOWING IN THE WIND....WHERE IS THE RESPECT FOR OUR COUNTRY???