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Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 04/04/2006 - 13:46.

Here's a posting from a friend at interested in green roof development, and I wonder how hard can this really be, and how much of this goes on in NEO?

From Georgie's Tribe blog... 

...I'm helping James Kalin prototype the Green Roof on the LBOW (LEEDS Building On Wheels) project. In my system, run-off water will fall into the Slow Sand Filter. I'll have to check with a structural engineer to make sure I can support the additional weight.

James showed me the GreenGrid ( trays going on the LBOW roof. It's basically a recycled-content HDPE tray that holds your plantings. 

There are three depths (2.5", 4", 8") that allow you to either go with surface plantings or edibles. Pick between 2'x2' or 2'x4' modules, throw on a root barrier, soil, plants and mulch. Again, these are just plastic trays with a root barrier laid on top. Definitely DIY'able.

The manufacturer highlights the following benefits:
• Reduced Energy Costs
• Reduced Urban "Heat Island" Effect
• Sound Insulation
• Extended Roof Life
• Stormwater Management

This is a good primer on GreenRoofs:

local green roofing company

The Garland Company is a local, family owned, company on E. 91st Street that has won several awards, out west in Washington state, for their green roof constructions. 

Need more Green Roofs here... who's working on this?

Thanks John - awesome - why aren't they doing things all over NEO? Has anyone done  anything like this around NEO? Who's leading the push for mandating green roofs on public buildings and major developments here - who's being innovative here in the private sector?

Anyways, more on green roofs from the Garland Roof site linked above:

Although relatively new to North America, green roofs have been used successfully in Europe and Asia for decades. Loosely defined, green roofs are vegetated surfaces which are installed over man-made structures. Green roofs can be either at grade or above grade. They can incorporate elaborate gardens and trees or simple grasses and ground covers. They can be designed for aesthetics, environmental benefits or both. However, the bottom line is that green roofs are the ultimate in Sustainable Design. No other product or system provides such an outward appearance of truly "green" design.

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