My Masumi

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 10/21/2007 - 12:54.

Could it be just over a year since Masumi Hayashi and John Jackson were killed by a senseless psycho ...? As the senseless killing escalates all around NEO today, it is easy for the dead to become forgotten by so many they touched in many ways, in life... or lost to all. Where NEO has seen a community that remembers is those who love the arts, as the past year has seen many shows of love and respect for Masumi and John, the most recent being a wonderful exhibition that opened last week at Doubting Thomas Gallery, called To Masumi. A collection of special works by many who love and remember Masumi, this is a powerful statement on what lasts and matters in life and beyond. Props to the organizers of this exhibition and to Doubting Thomas - really fantastic... amazing musicians performing in the front Gallery, Michael Doc Dreyfuss and Bill Weita... haunting yet alive... see today's header... image below...

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Norm please give a photo credit to the image on your post--it's a heartbreaking photo.