Alternative Gifts or Internet Search engines' appeal to innovative shoppers

Submitted by peter holmes on Tue, 12/06/2005 - 09:40.

Gift giving can take many manifestations, tangible and intantible. The most valuable are sometimes less obvious.  Children, for example, revel in things in which they can participate and activity can assume many guises.  Advertising pushes products or activities but what about unpromoted activites?  The internet offers both small and large entrepreneurs a level playing field by enabling them equal access to consumers.  Thus the internet becomes the zone for entrepreneurs and participation.  Search engines connect everyone to everything, creating great opportunity.  Think how this changes the way children and their parents "shop."  Two things are true: It will never be the same but how and what we "shop" for is still being defined as an extension of the old ways.  Consider this, the early auto-mobiles' design were simply motor-powered carriages.  The same holds for innovation today:  the great spurt in innovation is yet to come, and its arrival will be hastened as more people participate on the internet.  Search engines enable people to leverage their intellectual property by lowering the barriers to consumers' access to products and services.

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