Tale of two OneClevelands... may we be one

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 01/08/2007 - 10:29.

I was interested to realize there are two OneClevelands. One OneCleveland is "a nonprofit provider of community-based ultra broadband networking services and applications that improve our community's quality of life and stimulates economic development," and the other OneCleveland is "a group developed for people in the Cleveland area, who are interested in learning about and getting more involved with ONE: The Campaign to Make Poverty History. We are building a network of grassroots activists to rally Americans ONE by ONE to fight hunger, extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS. The goal of the ONE Campaign is to get an additional ONE percent of the federal budget for poverty focused development assistance programs that would help meet the Millennium Development Goals to halve world poverty by 2010."

 While the ultra-broadband OneCleveland gets lots of local attention, funding and press, I just stumbled across "ONE: The Campaign to Make Poverty History" in an online search. Considering we live in the most impoverished major city in America, wouldn't it make sense to focus on making that history a priority? You may - go to OneCleveland and join the group - they are planning to meet up later in the month.


Norm, bumped into your name over here with comments from Lee Batdorff...Shows the efficacy of the web

Lee and University Circle blog are interesting

Lee has a real journalist instinct... interesting read.

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